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Top 5 Places in Portland for Valentine’s Day

February 6, 2014

1. Street and Company

lobster diavolo street & co

If your idea of fine dining includes lobster, shellfish, and always fresh seafood, Street and Company may be your choice for Valentine’s Day. This has always been a favorite restaurant of mine in Portland, and I will recommend it, again and again. Looking for a perfect dish for two? Try the Lobster Diavolo: two lobsters with linguine, clams, mussels, scallops and topped with savory marinara sauce. And of course, end with the chocolate cake…soft chocolate cake on the outside and warm, molten chocolate on the inside. You can’t go wrong.

2. Five Fifty Five

Now, if seafood isn’t your thing, you could always stop by Five Fifty Five for an exquisite five course meal. If you do, you’ll see me (on the day before Valentine’s Day) enjoying the kind of meal that you dream about, but think only exists in your imagination. You’re in luck, because it does indeed exist. Try the wine pairings with your meal as well to elevate your night. Just make sure to take a taxi or walk home.

3. Petite Jacqueline

gnocchi valentine's day in Portland

Is there anything more romantic than French food on Valentine’s Day? The French are experts on love, and loving food is included. At Petite Jacqueline, you’ll only have eyes for the one you’re with, while enjoying simple (but delectable) gnocchi, or a plate of steak tartare. No matter what you try, the dessert is worth a look, or two or three. The pot de creme is chocolate, but not as sickly sweet as you may be accustomed to. Think silky chocolate, topped with sea salt. Small, but rich enough to share between two. Bon appetit!

4. David’s

david's valentine's day in Portland

You could always take a page out of my Valentine’s Day from 2013 last year and order savory and mouth watering steak from David’s as well. This is the perfect place when you have a special occasion to celebrate! From the second you walk through the door, you’ll feel like this is the only place you can be for the evening. Might I suggest the filet mignon..it’s exploding with flavor and will not disappoint.

5. Bar of Chocolate for a casual affair

If you want a Valentine’s Day that’s filled with a little more of the cocktail variety and less of the heavy, three course (or five course) meal, then The Bar of Chocolate could be a great place to check out. Order some candy sweet drinks and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere around you. After all, this is a holiday dedicated to love. It doesn’t have to mean spending hours and hours at a restaurant if you don’t want to. Dessert is the best meal of the day, in my opinion anyway. I recommend the Espresso or Chocolate Martinis. Or if you’re feeling like just straight up chocolate, try the hot chocolate. It will stick to your bones and warm you up, inside and out!

Honorable Mention: though it’s not in Portland, you already know how I feel about Fuel. If you happen to be in Lewiston, it could be the perfect place to spend this special day!

fuel entree

Did I miss the best place in Portland? Let me know!