Fuel in Lewiston

December 5, 2013

As the (207) Foodie, covering Portland is usually my only locale. However, a few weekends back, I was able to travel outside of my main area to Lewiston for a Portland Pirates game. Now, I’ll never understand why the Portland Pirates are no longer playing in Portland, but Fuel is a culinary delight for both the French lover, or food lover. Who knew it was hiding in Lewiston?

Another thing I will never understand: why so many people find French food entirely unapproachable? Granted, the only language I know is Italian, and that’s from years and years of voice lessons and Italian Arias. However, French is everything that I love about a great meal: when done right, simplicity is a plus to be celebrated, not looked down upon. And Fuel embodies that. The space is downright beautiful, especially for dinner. Oh and the food? The food is all that great French food can be and more. Consider me sold.

Appetizer: Fondue

Like French food, Fondue gets a bad rap. Maybe that’s because when people think fondue, they think 1970’s with a gross pot and people double dipping. True fondue is an art form, with warm bread and ooey, gooey delicious cheese. You can see where I’m going here, can’t you? European fondue is the proper and original way to do fondue. Where can you possibly go wrong when you have high quality ingredients, including melted cheese? When done right, it can be a fine start to your meal. And let me say, it was, for an incredible meal. Yes, the French seem to know exactly what they are doing.

Entree: Braised Pork Shank with Sweet Potatoes, Brussel Sprouts and Bacon

fuel entree

When you put brussel sprouts, bacon and sweet potatoes together with braised pork shank, you hope that you end up with perfection. This dish impresses, and then some. The type of meat that you don’t need a knife, because the meat falls right off the bone. This is Fuel’s signature dish, and after one bite, anybody can see why. Though this is an example of fine dining, this is a meal that is accessible to anybody. Just the smell alone of this dish coming out of the kitchen is enough to know that this is a meal that you’ll remember for a long time. Pork shank combined with the brussel sprouts, bacon and sweet potatoes are not a typical combination, but the unique qualities and the intense flavors are fantastic together. This is a dish I will recommend to just about anybody, even a complete stranger.

Dessert: Apple Galette

And the final piece of the meal, a delightful Apple Galette topped with ice cream and glazed with brandy. There is nothing better than fall and all the delicious desserts that apple season brings us. Case in point is this delicious Apple Galette. I can think of almost nothing that is better than ice cream and apples together. Pure perfection in my mouth, hot apples and creamy cold ice cream.

Bottom Line:

What more can I say? Getting out of Portland was actually a great way to entertain my taste buds and try something new. French food is anything but boring, and Fuel makes the art form simple, and beautiful. Even if you don’t think you like French food, trying Fuel may make you change your mind.