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Traditional or Unique: Chicken And Waffles

January 2, 2014

Greetings from my new iPad Air that I got for Christmas, and Happy New Year! I’ve spent the last few weeks on my chicken and waffles quest, searching for the “winner”. The problem with that is, it’s more complicated than that. Out of the four places that I know for sure have them, as of right now I have only tried two. And the two I tried were both quite delicious and tasty. The problem? They are both incredibly different compared to each other. It’s like trying to compare apples and oranges or ramen in Japan to ramen that’s here. There is nothing wrong with either of those things and there’s nothing wrong with two separate approaches as well.

Sweet and Savory: Hot Suppa

This is a classic example of traditional chicken and waffles: a light waffle smothered in butter and syrup and paired with fried chicken that’s generously battered and fried to perfection. After a hard day, this (and their drink special of the night) were just what I needed. There was a literal blizzard outside my window as I ate but it didn’t even matter. This southern delicacy is pure food genius. Sweet and salty together have never tasted so good! Add a little real maple syrup (none of that imitation stuff) and you aren’t going anywhere. At least, not until you stop feeling like moving is done for the moment.

Spicy and Delicious: East Ender

If the sweet and savory option isn’t your thing, East Ender’s Chicken and Waffles are a little off the beaten path. We have the same general concept: waffle, chicken and syrup, but from there, things get a little bit spicy. This has a major kick to it, and is great for brunch. We still have the fried chicken, but this chicken ups the ante, and gives your mouth a little bit more flavor to handle. The question is, can you handle it?

The quest continues, but enjoy these two comparisons for now. Wicked Good food truck and Ruski’s Tavern (for a dinner special), I’m coming for you next!