PIzza at Foundation Brewing Company is about to be your new favorite


Here’s Why You Need to Try the Pizza at Foundation Brewing Company

June 7, 2023

Show of hands here: who loves pizza? If you’re like most, then you probably love pizza. And here in Portland, we’ve got no shortage of great pizza to choose from.

The best part is that those choices are everchanging, so what you love is never the same. Now, another thing that you might not have considered is what beer to have with your pizza. But what if one of your favorite breweries also made delicious pizza?

That’s where Foundation comes in. Oh yes, if you haven’t heard the news, Foundation makes pizza and news flash, it’s really good. Keep reading to find out why you need to try the pizza at Foundation Brewing Company for yourself!

It’s Crispy

One of the things that makes good pizza is the texture. The last thing you want is your pizza to be soggy, right?

Well, I’m here to tell you that the pizza at Foundation is anything but soggy. It’s crispy and oh so tasty.

There are so many flavors swirling around in your mouth as you take a bite, and that crispiness is pretty much perfection because it melds perfectly with the ooey gooey cheese on top.

So what is making this pizza at Foundation Brewing Company so good? Well, you can probably thank the fact that it’s Detroit style pizza. Now, yes, this is coming from a Midwesterner that loves deep dish pizza (sorry not sorry, guys). Deep dish is great, and though some people think it’s a bread bowl disguised as pizza (we won’t name any names but it’s my fiancé who thinks this and I am in total disagreement), I love it.

However, what people may not realize is that deep dish and Detroit style pizza share some similarities stylistically. I mean, think about it. Both are this more bread-forward kind of pizza, and they aren’t about the cracker thin crust. But with the Detroit style pizza, especially the meticulously handcrafted ones made at Foundation, the crispiness is just perfection. It’s like the perfect vessel for pizza and their respective toppings. How can you not love that?

It’s Delicious

Okay, so let’s talk about how tasty this pizza is. I’d like to think that I’ve tried my fair share of pizzas in Maine, and I definitely have my list of tried and true favorites. But seriously, you have to have some respect when there’s roasted garlic cloves on your pizza, which is the case with the Hot Buzz.

I kid you not, order this pizza, and you will find whole garlic CLOVES on your pizza that are roasted. You’ll also find gorgonzola, mushrooms, and hot honey drizzled on top. It’s a ridiculously tasty pie that I thoroughly enjoyed, including when I ate it as leftovers throughout the week.

So, do you want to know a secret about these pizzas? Part of why they are so good is because of the care behind them. I had the opportunity to sit down with Chelsie, who is the Director of Communications at Foundation, to get a little behind the scenes taste of what these pizzas are all about.

And what I learned is that these pizzas are the real deal, with extensive taste testing going on during COVID (because what else was there to do during a global pandemic than perfect the best Detroit style pizza ever) before finally producing these pizzas made with love and sending them out into the world. After all, you can always tell when something is made with love. It just tastes better, and these pizzas are filled with love.

Even Crust Haters Can Get Behind This

Another thing that kind of shocked me about these pizzas is it’s basically either a crustless pizza or it’s literally a pizza that’s all crust depending on how you look at it. Normally, I’m a crust hater.

I don’t love admitting that, because I’m sure someone is going to take offense to that and say it’s the best part of the pizza, but honestly, I’m in my thirties, and unless my crust is filled with cheese inside, I really don’t want it. But this pizza is more bread than crust, so you really don’t even think about it. Which is why I have no problem eating every inch of these tasty slices. So I’m here to say: even crust haters can get behind this pizza.

It Pairs Perfectly with Their Beers

Oh, and just in case you weren’t sold yet, the pizza is also super delicious when you pair it with Foundation’s beers. Because let’s face it, there’s not much that’s a better pairing than pizza and beer. Pizza at Foundation Brewing Company is just the way to go, especially when you’re enjoying it with a freshly brewed beer!

You can go the sour route like I did, with the Raspberry’s My Jam, or you could go a little lighter with the Zesty Original Lemonade, which might be my new go-to for summer since it’s light and refreshing. You could also go the pale ale route with a pilsner, but really, I promise you, it’s not going to get much better than sitting outside on a warm summer evening enjoying a Foundation beer and sharing a pizza or two with your friends.

The kitchen is open Wednesday-Monday (closed Tuesday), so whether you’re stopping by for their monthly Book + Brew discussion, doing a brewery crawl around Industrial Way, or simply want a bite and a beer, Foundation has you covered. I’ll see you there this summer!