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The Breakfast Pizza Round Up

February 28, 2024

Been a minute since my last post, but correct me if I’m wrong…breakfast pizza wasn’t really something I knew about before living in Maine. I certainly don’t remember ever having it and it’s a delicious breakfast and brunch item that I enjoy quite a bit. But the question is: where can you get it? Don’t worry, I’m here to help you find the breakfast pizza you want. Keep reading for the breakfast pizza round up!


I don’t think you can feasibly write a breakfast pizza round up and not include Anania’s. Granted, not sure I can easily spell the name of the establishment, but there’s absolutely no denying that Anania’s has to be on this list.

Their breakfast pizza was one of the first I knew I had to try when I started putting together this guide in my head. Part of the appeal of this breakfast pizza is (if you choose), you can have it loaded with meats. Breakfast meats are a delicious thing and when you can load them onto your breakfast pizza, it’s even better. And if for some reason you’re not convinced, just take my word for it, and then go order it for yourself.

Orchard Ridge Farm

Of all the breakfast pizzas I tried while researching this round up, Orchard Ridge Farm’s was the only one that used red sauce. This gives their breakfast pizza a little more zing, especially since it had farm fresh ingredients on top. Needless to say, there weren’t many leftovers afterward!

Different doesn’t have to be bad. In this case, Orchard Ridge Farm hit a home run with a delicious breakfast pizza. Part of what made it so good was it had sausage on it. We’re not talking your standard crumble either (which does have its place) but good, thick chunks of sausage.

After all, they are a farm, so you expect them to have good sausage and yes, they deliver on that. But the other part that made it so good was a nice, fluffy dough for the breakfast pizza to sit on. It had a little give and crunch but was still pillowy. I liked it so much that my only picture of this pizza is a few slices before it was gone!

Sinful Kitchen

The breakfast pizza at the Sinful Kitchen isn’t exactly “traditional”. However, you could argue that’s the case with most things there and part of its charm. The breakfast pizza is a waffle pizza that’s topped with fluffy scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and cheese with home fries on the side.

It’s a little salty and a little sweet, especially if you’re topping it with some maple syrup (which I did). It would be perfect if you need a hangover cure. Technically, the waffle is your crust, so it counts as a breakfast pizza in my book on this breakfast pizza round up.

Duck Pond Variety (Westbrook Location)

I think out of everything included on this breakfast pizza round up, Duck Pond Variety (Westbrook location) had the creamiest breakfast pizza. We of course added the meats to it to make it as filling as possible, but my husband and I each only finished a slice or two because we had more than enough.

This is a breakfast pizza that was bursting with flavor and beyond tasty. Between the heftiness of its crust and the generous amount of toppings, this is a quality breakfast pizza that I can’t wait to try again!

Hilltop Superette

I was excited to try Hilltop Superette for breakfast pizza because several followers reached out to me on social media between Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter) and let me know that their breakfast pizza was a must try when I mentioned I was looking for good ones to try. First off, I’d never really been to Hilltop Superette before, and what a cool spot.

But the pizza…man. Everyone was right, because it is beyond solid. Somehow, even though we had to pick it up and then drive it 20 minutes home, it was still extremely crispy and warm. Great flavor, plenty of toppings, and the egg was fluffy as can be. Who knew? So many reasons it has to be on the breakfast pizza round up!

Pat’s Pizza (Windham location)

I will admit, I do not know if other Pat’s Pizza’s do breakfast pizza, but I can tell you that the Windham location has one and it’s awesome. Granted, the last time I tried it was in March of 2022, but their website still lists it, so I think there’s a very good chance you can also get it from 10 am to 11 am on Saturday and Sunday.

It’s a small window but if you’re hungover from a night of drinking (noticing a trend? Breakfast pizza is a great hangover cure and I’ll stand by that), this is an excellent spot. The breakfast pizza comes out piping hot, you’ve got your standard toppings, a little egg on top, it gets a little browned and then comes to you. Everything you want on a weekend in my opinion if you’re in the area and absolutely belongs on this breakfast pizza round up.

Portland Pie

I have no idea if every Portland Pie location has breakfast pizza on the menu, but I’d suspect they probably do. However, what I do know is that the Westbrook location most certainly has it. Honestly, it’s Portland Pie’s breakfast pizza that got me really into breakfast pizza.

Theirs and opened my eyes to this being a thing. Sometimes, I think people forget that I’m not from here, or maybe nobody forgets. But regardless, breakfast pizza is still kind of a novel thing to me.

That’s why I love the idea of finding so many different kinds of it and doing things like a breakfast pizza round up. Portland Pie’s breakfast pizza is super solid and frankly, it’s always better because I can order mimosas to go with it. If you’re not having mimosas with your breakfast pizza (or an aperol spritz, the new drink of choice in my home), you’re doing it wrong.

The official name of the breakfast pizza is the Eastport, with scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, and cheddar. Plus, we usually order it on the beer crust. How can you go wrong with that many breakfast meats? The answer is you can’t. We ordered it through COVID as takeout and we’ve had it for brunch to dine in and will continue to, as the Westbrook location is conveniently a mile from our house. But this love of breakfast pizza has opened up so many tasty doors, I’ll tell you what.

What’s the Best Breakfast Pizza? You Tell Me

Now, the question is, of course, did I miss your favorite breakfast pizza? I know there’s no way that I tried them all.

I promise you, I’ve been painstakingly trying breakfast pizzas for 6+ months to try and research for this post. Please tell me what I missed, because otherwise I’ll have breakfast pizza FOMO, and nobody wants that, do they? Let me know in the comments or on Instagram, X, or Facebook.