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Pai Men Miyake

November 21, 2013

This weekend I decided to give Pai Men Miyake a second chance for lunch. Considering the backlash over my review, it seemed like maybe I hadn’t given Pai Men a chance. So I went back, this time for lunch with my friend. Happy to report I left feeling full this time, and the pork buns are divine.

Based off of the comments I received, I ordered the Paitan and the pork buns. The pork buns were not a standard pork bun, rather they were open, with the filling perched delicately on top. Loved the unusual flavors that made this standard dish just a little bit better than the original. A fresh interpretation on an old favorite was a great start to my meal!


pai men miyake pai tan

As a Japanese food enthusiast, I had never tried Paitan, or seen it on a menu. After asking what the server recommended to fill me up, the Paitan seemed like a logical choice to order. Pork, broth, noodles…where is there room to complain? I cannot, and I have to agree, it was a very filling meal. Pork on pork (ordering those pork buns = twice the pork after all) means you cannot go wrong. A little bit spicy, but certainly not enough to make me uncomfortable. The noodles were an ideal texture to go with the broth, and were quite entertaining to try and pick up with my chopsticks! Unique is the name of the game at Pai Men, meaning that this is not a menu for the light hearted.

The Bottom Line:

I can appreciate Pai Men Miyake as an interesting place to go for lunch or dinner. When you need soup or a pork bun (which could be sooner than you think! You never know) this is a place that will serve what you’re craving. Next up, trying Miyake on Fore Street. I want the full Miyake experience, which will only be complete with that and the soon to be opened Miyake Diner! I love Japanese food, and I applaud Chef Miyake for breathing new life into what people consider when they think of Japanese food. This is not just a sushi and dumplings restaurant. Rather, it is a small taste of all Japan and its one of a kind fare has to offer us.