West End Restaurants

Little Tap House

October 17, 2013

Being a foodie on the Portland food scene means sometimes waiting six months to try a popular restaurant. For whatever reason, it has taken me six months to try Little Tap House, which is conveniently down the street from my apartment. Well, it’s well worth the wait. Quality food and the freshest ingredients available. What’s not to love? Mulled cider is perfect to start for the evening, hot or cold. Add a stick of cinnamon and the night is off to a great start. My biggest issue of the evening was deciding what to order. From poutine with braised beef (who knew you could have poutine with beef!) to Lobster Mac n Cheese and Salmon, there are so many great options to choose from on the menu.

Ultimately, I went with the Shepherd’s Pie, since it contained lamb and I had a craving for it.

shepards pie little tap house

I’ve only had Shepherd’s Pie on a few other occasions, but I have a general understanding of what it’s supposed to taste like. This was a little bit different than the other versions I’ve tried, but the quality was superb! The lamb was the standout here, with the unique flavor being the perfect pairing to go with the sauce and the vegetables. The mashed potatoes were the best I could have asked for. I left with a box and enough for lunch tomorrow!

My date got the Lamb burger which was my second choice. From the way he devoured it (and the fries, impressive!) I’m going to have to say he highly enjoyed it. My excuse for coming back a second time is so I can find out why it’s so good!

So from here, it’s obvious that we must have ordered dessert. There were some great choices to take into consideration: vanilla ice cream, always a classic, as well as many other offerings. However, it was the apple bread pudding that caught my eye and ultimately won me over. This is the time to have apple anything, as they are in season and are amazing in any dish, dessert included.

Topped with that deadly vanilla ice cream and caramel drizzle, I was overwhelmed by the flavors and tastes. It’s the way bread pudding should be: light, warm, and I loved the extra zing that was brought to an old favorite by including sweet apples in it. I’ve tried my fair share of bread pudding, but this one was exactly what I had in mind for a slightly drizzly fall evening out.

Although I’m a little bit late jumping on the bandwagon and their six month anniversary is right around the corner, Little Tap House is worth a try for food that is not at all pretentious, but instead local and fresh. Lovingly prepared, from the honey butter to the exquisite flavor combinations, I’m sure that your mouth will be happy.