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The Blue Spoon: Brunch Is Beautiful

February 25, 2014

Although all food is great, one of my favorite things on the planet…is brunch. A good brunch can be hard to find and it may  require some trial and error. Enter Saturday and Sunday mornings. They are the perfect time for brunch, especially because sleeping in is a prerequisite that you cannot violate! And of course, me being me, you know I go out to brunch every weekend. Eventually I plan on writing a comprehensive guide on the best places to go in Portland, but more on that later.

If you are familiar with Munjoy Hill, then you are probably well acquainted with the Blue Spoon. Though it may appear tiny, what’s waiting inside for you is comfort food, served at its finest!

blue spoon brunch

Pictured above is the open face mushroom, brie, and fried egg sandwich. Though I am typically a sweet girl when it comes to breakfast (waffles and blueberry pancakes, I’m looking at you) you really cannot go wrong with something like an open face egg sandwich. The bread was so fresh, and I will admit, I may have sniffed it because I knew it was going to taste, and smell, amazing. If you start with fresh, slightly crunchy bread, you’d better believe that this is going to be a great sandwich. I’m not usually a breakfast sandwich person, but mushrooms and brie proved to be too tempting for me to resist.

And I know that the Blue Spoon is great for dinner, too. This was one of the first restaurants I ever tried in Portland, when I was a sophomore in college. I remember ordering mussels (impeccably fresh) and I vowed to come back. Granted, it has been a few years, but it still serves the same freshness and delicious, simple flavors that I remember.

What to Try:

-Their Bistro burger is well known in the Portland area

-Mussels for dinner

-Brunch on a Saturday