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Silly’s: Zany & Tasty!

January 28, 2014

I know I’m not breaking any new ground here, but Silly’s in Portland is just too good not to talk about. As always, I will never be a fan of restaurants that are chains, and Silly’s seems to have that essential charm that’s necessary to be a restaurant that sticks around. As much as I love the Portland food scene, there’s something about Silly’s that keeps people coming back for more, year after year. In the dining industry, that’s a really big deal. So why do people stay faithful to a place that’s as out there as its name suggests?

silly's breakfast poutine portland me

Good food. It may be a zany menu, but it’s consistently delicious. You have to be curious about a place that embraces its zaniness and gives you memory cards just like the ones from your younger years at the table, while serving food like nachos that overflow (just as a starter!) and a pizza called the Love Goat, which is a direct reference to the show the Love Boat. Even if you try to order enough food for just you, the portions are extremely generous. Which in a time where you pay a large amount for a small portion, is refreshing. There’s nothing better than people who cook because they love it. And Silly’s: it’s a product of love.

So, what’s better? Brunch or lunch? Honestly, I will have to leave that answer up to you, because I can’t decide. Having a poutine style entree (fries both sweet potato and regular, fried eggs, cheese, bacon, and of course, gravy) with a Mymosa can seriously make your weekend.

silly's mymosa portland me

What’s a mymosa? It’s a mimosa, your way, and it’s a brilliant brunch tactic. Mine included Prosecco, peach nectar, grenadine, and a strawberry. Pure perfection.

Bottom Line: Silly’s may be exactly that…Silly! However, nobody ever said silly was a bad thing, and when you can pull off great food with a fun vibe, it works. By the way, they make dairy free milkshakes too. And you know what the best part is? They don’t taste like they are dairy free. They just taste the way I remember a milkshake tasting, before I became lactose intolerant. Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner: they serve it all. Take your pick…Silly’s will not disappoint.