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King of The Roll

July 7, 2013

Considering the fact that I’m now a “New Englander” (kind of!) it’s been a goal of mine to try the sushi here in Portland. I wish I could give you guys a comprehensive sushi guide, but for some reason, sushi is quite ridiculous in price here compared to Chicago. Go figure…

However, King of the Roll is the best sushi in Portland, hands down. It doesn’t hurt that it’s literally a 2 block walk away from my apartment either.

About a month ago, to celebrate moving to Portland, my roommates and I, plus my boyfriend, decided to try out King of the Roll. Located right across the street from 2 old favorites (Petite Jacqueline and LFK) King of the Roll has a lot to offer.

Starting with: Appetizers! How about Gyoza? Always a favorite, our starters did not disappoint!

But I know what you’re really waiting to see: an abundance of sushi!

Pictured are: california rolls, the Rock ‘n Roll and some spicy tuna rolls. Everyone raved, especially about the RocknRoll, which was the highlight. Fresh fish, and not lacking flavor like some places I’ve been to. Success so far!

Now, I ordered the special, because it was a white tuna roll. White tuna is like the Rolls Royce of sushi, in terms of fish being used, at least in my opinion. It’s always soft and quite literally will melt on your tongue. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself!

Also, let me say that my roll was consequently tried by everyone, except one roommate is staunchly anti-seafood. And everyone that tried mine…wished they had ordered it instead. Just another reason why trying new things is crucial to being a good foodie! Now, it goes without saying that I enjoyed it, right? White tuna, with a teensy bit of spice…absolute perfection. We all ordered so much sushi, and when we have another reason to celebrate, I know we are ALL going back!


-great sushi

-Fresh and high quality

-walking distance from other great spots

-reasonable prices for what you get

Can you see any reason not to try King of the Roll?