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May 15, 2013

When I read the Portland Press Herald’s review of LFK, I was certainly intrigued. And when I checked in on Foursquare, the tips were almost all: try the mac and cheese and the burger. So I did both, though I have to tell you, LFK is like no other place in Portland. Located next to Petite Jacqueline in the Arts District, LFK is one of a kind. With community seating and typewriters, portraits, and strange tchotkes abundant, the atmosphere alone will win you over. The food will steal your heart though.

Side Dish: Mac and Cheese Oh my goodness, but I think that LFK’s mac and cheese is the best mac and cheese I have EVER had. It’s ooey, it’s gooey, it’s cheesy, and amazing. Granted, mac and cheese is a classic that everyone loves and most have eaten frequently in the college years. But this mac and cheese was like a symphony in my mouth, perfectly in tune to my taste buds and what my mouth was craving. Foursquare tip, you were so right! With a special blend of cheeses and fantasy, the mac and cheese could have been a meal, all by itself. Let it be noted that I made sure I took my last few bites home with me because it was so good.

Main Course: Burger So I have to say, burgers aren’t normally something that impress me, but wow. This burger packs a mean punch! It looks really tiny, but as my friend eating it put it, it was stacked! Add some gruyere cheese and we are in business! Tiny but mighty should be the name of this burger, because it was tender, the perfect medium rare: pink and juicy but not too raw. Simple flavor, and it came with homemade ketchup? What’s not to love? LFK has a beautiful work of art on its hands with this burger. Take one bite and I’m convinced you’ll be singing its praises just like I am.

Dessert: Flour-less Chocolate Tart

Mhhhhmmm dessert, my favorite. Make no mistake, this is an incredibly rich and flavorful cake. One bite in and I had to stop, only for a moment, just to savor how good it was! Chocoholics rejoice, because you may have met your match. LFK is a gem of Portland, though I question whether it could be called a “hidden” gem. Come for the burger, or be adventurous and try something from the bar, which definitely tempted me. I’m going back, hoping I’ll see you there!