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July 23, 2013

Though I love Thai food, it’s taken me a few months to visit the Thai place just 3 blocks away from my apartment. I had 3 different people recommend Boda to me, and now I can tell you why! It is great, and has some awesome late night food offerings, perfect for the college student or twenty something just getting back from the bars on a week night. What makes them stand out? Their late night menu is not a couple pathetic offerings, but instead a full meal, with appetizers, salads, entrees and tapas all available. I’ve never been to a place that caters so well to the late night scene!

So if you find yourself in the area and starved around 11 pm, Boda has got you covered.

And the food is great, but the drinks are pretty cool too. Overall, just a delicious endeavor through and through!

I started with an appetizer of the Crispy Squid, which I split with my boyfriend. It is a winner! Tender squid that is just a little crispy, with a bite of spice that won’t kill you going down. Fresh and succulent, the Crispy Squid hits it out of the park. I highly recommend it.

For my entree, I ordered the Mussels in Curry Broth, served with sticky rice, off the tapas menu. Tapas has always been a favorite of mine, and this dish was perfection. I love mussels, and have tried them in white wine, butter, beer, plain..pretty much almost every way you can have them in broth! Well, now I can add Curry to the list, because wow, was it good! Our waitress came out with a giant bowl of mussels, almost drowning in broth. Amazing. Clearly these mussels were fresh, and only one was totally shut, leaving me with quite a bit to finish. The sticky rice was a nice complement to the strong Curry taste, and almost felt like a palate cleanser.

Other entrees ordered include the Pad Thai, which was raved about, and the Kee Mao Noodles, which my roommate scarfed down pretty quickly. It should come to no surprise that two men who had just returned from a run in the rain barefoot (don’t ask) would have no problem at all finishing their late night meal.

Now that I’ve tried Boda in the evening, I look forward to trying it for dinner and getting to order off the entire menu. I will be back, and I have a feeling I’m going to leave knowing I’ve found my favorite Thai place in Portland (a title I have yet to give anywhere I’ve been).