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10 Places To Cool Off In Portland

July 2, 2014

It’s A Summer For Sweltering

Here in Portland, we know it’s hot. But the better question is, what are you going to do about it? My best tip: find some great places to cool off! Behold, the top ten places to cool off in this swelter of a summer! This is how you cool off in Portland.


1. Duckfat: Have you had their milkshakes or their gelato floats? These are made to cool you down, and taste delicious too! Try their vanilla bean gelato root beer float, or one of their amazing milkshakes. Maybe save the poutine and sandwiches for a cooler day.

prosecco sorbet mount desert island

2. Mount Desert Island: It’s no surprise to anybody that MDI is a favorite of President Obama’s, or that their ice cream is consistently considered some of the best in the country. It’s homemade, and you can tell. They have flavors you’ll never find anywhere else, like sweet cream, or thin mint girl scout cookie. If you’re feeling indecisive, you could always try their flight option, which allows you to try four small scoops at once.

3. Beals: If you’re out and about in the Old Port, don’t forget about Beals. The best thing about them: they have frozen yogurt if you’re lactose challenged (aka lactose intolerant like me). Frozen yogurt always tastes just like ice cream, but is lighter and perfect on a hot day!

maine squeeze smoothie4. Maine Squeeze: If smoothies are more your thing, Maine Squeeze is the king of smoothies in Portland. With two locations, one in the Old Port and one in the Public Market, you can get your smoothie on wherever you may be on a hot summer day. I always go for the mango, but it’s your call. Everything is cold and refreshing!

5. Silly’s: Well known for their extensive menu, the dessert menu is almost as overwhelming as the regular menu. From milkshakes to cocktails, or a dairy free milkshake (no really, it’s a thing and it tastes like heaven) you’re going to find it at Silly’s. Especially in the summer!

central provisions mocktail

6. Central Provisions: Looking for the best way to spend happy hour after a long and hot day at work? Central Provisions has a cocktail menu fit for a queen, plus a selection of tasty mocktails for those that don’t drink. Bottoms up!


7.  Vena’s Fizz House: The most refreshing thing on a hot day? A cold beverage. Vena’s Fizz House specializes in one of a kind sodas and drinks, like their strawberry rhubarb soda. Whether you go with a mocktail, soda, or lemonade, you’re going to leave with your thirst quenched.

8. Blue Rooster: Not only is this the place for a sandwich, or their amazing tots (totine, or nachos, take your pick, they are delectable!) Blue Rooster also has a killer Thai iced tea. For those of you that don’t know, Thai iced tea is like regular iced tea, but better. Add some condensed sweetened milk, ice cubes, and a little bit of sugar and you’re good to go.

9. Boda: Now if you’re really in the mood for a Thai iced tea, they’ve got a cocktail version of it that’s incredible. On a hot night, I guarantee you’ll be enjoying these, along with their spot on evening menu.

10. Gorgeous Gelato: When it comes to summer, nothing says summer more than ice cream. Or gelato. Gorgeous Gelato is authentic Italian gelato. So whether you go with a fruit sorbet like their tangy lemon, or you get lucky and the stracciatella is available, your summer is going to be off to a great start!