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Butcher Burger: For The Meat Lover In Your Life

July 15, 2014

butcher burger poutineOOB (Old Orchard Beach) is known for a great beach, the pier, and…burgers? The last one you’ll definitely find and then some at Butcher Burger. Looking for a half pound of poutine? How about a tender and flavorful Surf n Turf burger that’s bursting with lobster, and in avocado sauce? You need look no further, because Old Orchard Beach’s Butcher Burger is here to satiate you.




butcher burger mac n cheese ballsThe menu is massive, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself contemplating your meal for more than five minutes. With offerings like the Butcher Burger, which features pulled pork, a fried egg, lettuce and lots of deliciousness, you should know that this is going to be a hard decision to make! Their fried Mac n Cheese balls are a must try. Even those that are lactose intolerant (myself) have to try them, because what’s better than mac n cheese? Fried mac n cheese.



butcher burger burgerWhether you’re stopping by for dinner with your family, or for a late night bite after a night of drinking on the pier, you’re going to find something to love here. Let’s face it, you’re probably going to order way more food than you could ever consume in one sitting, and it won’t matter.
Because it’s worth it!




Bottom Line:
-get the box of half pound of poutine. You know you want to.
-Butcher Burger’s namesake burger is a massive delight, perfect for the person in your life that isn’t afraid of a burger that’s possibly bigger than their head!

Old or new, if you love: burgers, mac n cheese, All American fare, or just are looking for that new spot to try near the pier, Butcher Burger is a win!