I Tried The McDonald’s #LobsterRoll So You Don’t Have To

July 27, 2015

Yes, the title of this post is completely true: I did try the McDonald’s Lobster Roll. Why, you ask? I know, we’re in Portland, home to many delicious lobster rolls and amazingly fresh seafood. But when you get offered an opportunity to try the roll, at no cost…it has to happen. Yes, this is a sponsored post, but now you probably don’t have to try this. Unless you want to? The irony of me eating the McDonald’s Lobster Roll is extremely apparent. For one, I’m a foodie. I go to McDonald’s about once a year, and sometimes not even that. Another, I’m pretty obsessed with Bite Into Maine and am convinced that it’s definitely the best lobster roll in the entire world.

So…How Was It?mcdonalds lobster roll

As I mentioned before, I’m not a McDonald’s person. However, I’m judging this as only an item, not where it came from. The Lobster Roll is decent in size, although I learned the hard way, only specific people on their staff are allowed to make it, so I totally struck out trying to find it on Saturday evening for dinner a few days ago at their St. John’s Street location. I found it at the Forest Ave location. It’s a price that’s pretty generous, when you consider how much a lobster roll can go for at market rate here in Maine. $7.99 is probably the cheapest lobster roll you’re going to find.

Quality wise, it’s okay. It’s definitely not great by any means, but they were really generous with the amount of meat, but you could tell it’s been frozen. So to a foodie like me, yeah, it’s not really going to blow me out of the water. But I am not the target demographic. I imagine the people who order this lobster roll probably can’t afford the market price ones, or they just don’t consider themselves the kind of people who would buy them anyway.

Like many people who have already reviewed it, I didn’t understand the greenery and lettuce. Everyone knows there’s no lettuce on a lobster roll! Also, the lobster meat was kind of bland. I’m sure it being frozen and then scooped out onto a roll didn’t help with that either.

Overall, I have to extend my thanks to the McDonald’s Maine team for the sweet swag they sent me in the mail (a frisbee, to go coffee container, t shirts and more!), and the opportunity to try something that I probably wouldn’t have eaten otherwise.