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Harvest on the Harbor 2022: Get All the Scoop!

October 14, 2022

When the leaves start to turn and it gets cooler, my favorite time of year comes around. Yes, it’s fall, but the real reason I love it? Harvest on the Harbor 2022!

It should come as absolutely no surprise that this is one of my favorite events in Portland every year. After all, when you center something around local food in the area, it leaves plenty to love! But what’s been so amazing about attending HOTH over the years has been watching it evolve. Keep reading to get the scoop on what you can expect from Harvest on the Harbor 2022!

Maine Lobster Chef of the Year

Maybe the most exciting thing to return to Harvest on the Harbor 2022 is the Maine Lobster Chef of the Year competition. I had the privilege to attend this event several years ago, and it was incredible. 

Who wouldn’t adore an event all about chefs creating one of a kind lobster dishes? Not to mention, ticket holders get to try them all! Sounds like a dream come true for me!

Previous events were seated meals. But this year, ticket goers get to graze from nine lobster stations, getting an opportunity to talk to each chef. Not only is there a Judge’s Choice but also a People’s Choice winner.

Ticket goers get to participate and pick a favorite as well! This sounds incredible and I can’t wait to see who wins the coveted award this year.

Meet Your Maker

The much loved and popular Meet Your Maker event is back again this year. I am one of the ones that loves this event, personally.

For one thing, all the bites are beyond tasty. I also adore how perfect the pairings are with the cocktails and spirits being showcased. I always feel like my palate gets expanded and stretched. You can thank the beyond creative flavors and tastes that the makers come up with for that.

It’s basically like happy hour but so much better because it’s all about creating that perfect bite, every single time. And honestly, sometimes I think my goal in life is to find the ultimate perfect bite. For that reason alone, this event is a favorite.

Maine OysterFest 

I may be a fairly new oyster lover, but it doesn’t change just how much I love these briny crustaceans from the sea! I had the privilege of attending last year’s Maine OysterFest and I’m ecstatic it’s back again this year. 

As an oyster lover, I truly believe they deserve their own festival. Shucking them and enjoying them with a little accoutrement, or simply shooting one back also makes me happy. 

What made last year’s Maine OysterFest stand out to me was the sheer number of oyster farms that were in attendance. Of course, there were plenty of farms that I know and love.

These include Basket Island Oysters and Maine Oyster Co. I also got to try oysters from all over the state. Some were funky, some were sweet, and some were almost vegetal. 

There were so many that it would be impossible to pick a favorite. Part of what I love so much about Harvest on the Harbor is meeting the farmers face to face. There’s something really humbling about knowing where your food comes from. 

That’s why I love these kinds of events so much. It’s what makes them such an amazing way to support the food community.

Other Harvest on the Harbor Events: Cheese Pairing and Zombie Classes, Anyone?

There are also a few events that made the list, like a cheese and wine tasting event that only has 40 tickets so it’s very limited. There’s also a cocktail event put on by Three of Strong that teaches you how to make a Zombie cocktail. It’s honestly perfect for the spooky season we’re just entering and sure to be a great time!

Lucky for you, there’s still time to get your Harvest on the Harbor tickets. I encourage you to do so, because I am sure they will sell out. Let me know in the comments which events you end up attending!