Try The Summer In Italy Menu At Bolster, Snow, And Co.

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Try The Summer In Italy Menu At Bolster, Snow, And Co.

August 17, 2018

It’s probably no surprise that Bolster, Snow, and Co. is one of my favorite restaurants in Portland right now. And let’s not forget that Portland was just named the best restaurant city in the country for the year of 2018 by Bon Appetit. That being said, BSC is doing some really incredible things with their elegant menu and fresher than fresh ingredients. I love that it’s a casual environment for dinner or happy hour, but it’s also fun as well! Their new Summer in Italy menu showcases just that. Keep reading to start drooling!

Ready for a starter at Bolster, Snow, & Co. in Portland?

Starter: Duck Confit Small Plate with Mole and Jalapeño

Okay, the concept of what is essentially a deconstructed taco made with mole sauce and duck confit sounds out of the ordinary, I know. But like everything else on the Bolster, Snow, & Co. menu, it knocks it out of the park with fantastic flavors and textures. I love duck, and that honestly may be why I ordered this, because I needed to know what it tasted like. There’s a delicate feel to this dish, but the other ingredients soften what could be overbearing flavors. If you’re looking to start your meal off right, you definitely need to try this!

Get ready for the best chicken you've ever had at Portland's Bolster, Snow, & Co!

Entree: Chicken with Italian Succotash

The advantage of two people dining out is you get to try two entrees. The first entree is the chicken breast with Italian Succotash. If you didn’t realize it, this is no ordinary chicken dish. For one thing, everything on this special Summer in Italy menu celebrates what’s best about summer, combined with fresh, bright flavors that are evocative of the creativity shown in Italian dishes. Is this not the most beautiful plate of chicken you’ve ever seen? It doesn’t just look good, it tasted amazing as well! Before I started dining at Bolster, Snow, & Co. I never knew chicken could be so tender or juicy. Seriously. Chicken is one of those meats that gets flung into everything, but it never really stands out. Chef Nick Verdisco’s chicken aims to change that, and it succeeds. Add the fresh succotash, with zucchini, corn, and tomatoes and this dish descends to the next level.

You're going to want to run to Bolster, Snow, & Co. to try this heavenly clam dish

Entree: Linguine and Clams with mushrooms, sea beans, and fresh clams

If I see linguine and clams on a menu, pretty much anywhere, I will almost always order it. It typically goes like this: linguine, heavy cream sauce, and not enough clams. Or substitute in a red sauce instead of the heavy cream. The linguine and clams at Bolster, Snow, & Co. is basically on another planet compared to these other imposters. This is how linguine and clams was meant to be prepared: linguine that’s lighter than air, a rich but nuanced butter sauce, and the perfect clam to pasta ratio. The sea beans and mushrooms were a nice touch as well, but the second this pasta hit my mouth, I couldn’t stop eating. The sauce is truly what makes this dish so good! Chef Nick Verdisco found a way to complement the clams, instead of overwhelming their light and slightly sweet flavor without a heavy cream sauce. To be perfectly honest, I am obsessed with this dish, and I will never look at linguine and clams the same way again.

If you love a good meal, go try the Summer in Italy menu at Bolster, Snow, & Co. If you want the best chicken dish you’ll ever try or unbelievable linguine and clams, you should also go to Bolster, Snow, & Co. to try this limited summer menu. Dinner is available Wednesday-Sunday starting at 5 pm so come in soon if you want the best meal you’ll have this summer!