Hot Spots of New Orleans

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Hot Spots of New Orleans

September 13, 2018

If you’ve ever been to New Orleans, then you know that it’s a city that you could probably explore hundreds of times and still find new things to do! Check out my guide of the hot spots of New Orleans. Try some old favorites or discover some new ones!


Antoine's Cocktail

You cannot go to NOLA without a stop at Antoine’s. Antoine’s is part of the critical history of New Orleans, and they are serving up some seriously delicious food too. Make the most of your experience by trying their prixe fixe lunch menu. The prixe fixe lunch menu is three courses, and the best deal you’re going to find in New Orleans.

prixe fixe new orleans

For about $20 (depending on the season and what is being served), patrons are served three courses from a predetermined menu. Three courses may not sound like very much, but combine that with a few cocktails, and you’ll be having the time of your life. Chances are, you’ll need a reservation to even get into Antoine’s, but you could also try to get a seat at the bar. If you sit at the bar, make sure to befriend the bartender and learn more about the amazing history that is Antoine’s! Can’t make it for lunch? Happy Hour is Monday-Friday from 4 pm-7 pm.

Turkey and the Wolf

Hot spots of New Orleans: Turkey & the Wolf

One of the most popular hot spots of New Orleans right now is Turkey and the Wolf. After all, they were just named the #1 Best Restaurant in the country by Bon Appetit in 2017. So of course, I went to discover what all the hype was about. For sandwich lovers, Turkey and the Wolf will be everything you’ve ever wanted.We’re talking sandwiches that are deep fried and piled high with all sorts of tasty ingredients.

Turkey and the Wolf 2

People rave about the fried bologna sandwich. Hell, my friend said it was the best sandwich that she’s ever had in her life! The lamb neck roti that I had was excellent, but in hindsight, you should probably order a little bit more to go with it, since it’s not the most filling “sandwich” I’ve ever had.

That being said, the deviled eggs served with fried chicken skins are pretty much out of this world, and you should definitely order them. Turkey and the Wolf is a little bit out of the way, since it’s nowhere near the heart of New Orleans, but for sandwich aficionados, it’s definitely worth a bite or two to explore! My personal opinion: if you want the best sandwich ever, you should go have the duck confit sandwich at Duckfat. Sorry not sorry.


I know, most people aren’t going to New Orleans for ramen, but I’m obviously not most people. What can I say, I’m a bit of a ramen addict. Regardless, Nomiya is definitely one of the hot spots of New Orleans that you need to check out. For one thing, it’s another great reason/excuse to get out Bourbon Street or the French Quarter. What a crazy concept that there’s more to this amazing city than just two areas! That being said, Nomiya is doing some really fun things with their ramen. Think garlic oil as an add on, and plenty of noodles to slurp up. Nomiya is bridging the gap between soul food and Japanese cuisine, and if you love ramen, you gotta go! Oh, in case you weren’t convinced: totally Instagrammable bowls of ramen and great lighting. Your Instagram feed will thank you.

Cafe Rose Nicaud

I only made into Cafe Rose Nicaud on my last day, before going to the airport. However, there’s no reason not to eat brunch before flying, right? If you get an Air B&B and stay on French Street, you should check this place out for breakfast. Service was fast and super nice, and the food was really delicious. This was a fancy eggs benedict that also was heaped with vegetables underneath all that cheese and that perfectly poached egg. Yes, it might not be “traditional” but eggs benedict is better with a little something special! If you want to keep it healthy and not feel like you’re crawling through your day, check out Cafe Rose Nicaud!


Before visiting Cochon, I had heard nothing but good things, especially from my boss at work. In fact, he made me promise to make a reservation at Cochon after I told him I was going to New Orleans. I did as he asked, and had my favorite meal in New Orleans as a result. Chef Donald Link is a James Beard award winning chef, and wow does it show. Classic New Orleans comfort food with an unbelievable twist. Flavors that are soulful and deep and make your tastebuds sing make up the menu at Cochon. The rabbit and dumplings were the best possible twist on a favorite, chicken and dumplings. Impeccable rabbit, sweet and tender carrots, perfectly cooked potatoes all bathed in the most incredible gravy ever. If you have the opportunity and are looking for a classic New Orleans meal, make it Cochon.

Cafe Du Monde

Think you like beignets? You haven’t had a beignet til you’ve had one in New Orleans at the one and only Cafe Du Monde. With lines out the door during the day, it’s a good thing they are open 24/7, otherwise I wouldn’t have made it. I don’t know if I would recommend having a beignet at 1 am after a night of heavy drinking, but sometimes, beggars can’t be choosers. A beignet fresh and hot out of the oven is pretty much the best thing ever if you’ve got a massive sweet tooth like me. If you’re really feeling adventurous, beignets for breakfast from Cafe Du Monde is the way to go!

New Orleans School of Cooking

I’m a little surprised by just how much I loved the New Orleans School of Cooking. Sure, food being included is a plus, but I completely enjoyed myself during my cooking class. Our chef was amazing and there’s no way I could possibly make jambalaya, gumbo, or pralines even close to the way she did, but hey, I can always try. Harriet was incredibly entertaining, and knew her way around the kitchen. Cooking classes aren’t normally my thing, but sharing this experience with new people made it even better. But let’s be honest: the food they served us was pretty amazing as well. You can get jambalaya and gumbo literally anywhere in New Orleans, but Harriet’s was the best I had during my entire trip. Talk about talent! For $30, you can spend an afternoon talking about food and eating it, pretty much my 2 favorite activities!

The Ruby Slipper Cafe

Ruby Slipper

No, you’re not seeing double, just an amazing brunch spread from The Ruby Slipper Cafe. This is truly a Southern institution, with restaurants located all over the area! This is again, not your traditional eggs benedict, but it’s so good! Want fried chicken and gravy on your eggs benedict? You can order that! Maybe you’re looking for something a little spicier, you can order that too. I love the fact that it’s basically a build your own brunch sort of affair with the menu. And there’s plenty of mimosas to go around! Next time I’m in NOLA, you can bet I’m hitting up the The Ruby Slipper Cafe for a delicious brunch!