A Preview of Natalie’s At The Camden Harbour Inn

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A Preview of Natalie’s At The Camden Harbour Inn

June 4, 2019

Look, there’s really no denying that June is probably one of the busiest months for me. How can that be when we’re only a few days into the month?

Don’t ask me! Anyway, one of the events that I’m most looking forward to is dining at the legendary Natalie’s at the Camden Harbour Inn.

The beautiful Natalie's in Camden, ME
Image courtesy of Natalie’s Facebook page

Not for just any reason, but a special dinner by chef Matthias Merges and Natalie’s own Chris Long in honor of the Charlie Trotter Project.

Charlie Trotter and the Charlie Trotter Project

Charlie Trotter and the Trotter Project are being honored at Natalie's with a special five course dinner.

Charlie Trotter may be one of the most famous household names as a chef.

Charlie Trotter’s Michelin starred restaurant and namesake was open for 25 years and became a space for aspiring chefs that later found their own notoriety like Matthias Merges, Mindy Segal, David Myers, and many more.

I will admit, until learning about this incredible dinner being served at Natalie’s, I had no idea what kind of impact Trotter had on the culinary world.

In fact, he was from my hometown of Wilmette, IL and went to the same high school that I did, New Trier (of Mean Girls infamy).

What sticks out to me is the fact that although Charlie Trotter is gone, his legacy continues with the Charlie Trotter Project. This is important because the Charlie Trotter Project dedicates itself to young engagement in the culinary field.

Who are we if we can’t nurture the youth of today who will be the leaders of tomorrow? And it seems like fate that there’s a connection to the Chicago culinary world.

Matthias Merges

Matthias Merges is joining the team at Natalie's for one night only.

You may not know it, but Matthias Merges is considered one of America’s best chefs. So it’s no coincidence that the dinner at Natalie’s features Merges joining the Natalie’s team for one night only, in honor of the Charlie Trotter Project.

Like Trotter, Merges has worked in amazing Chicago restaurants like the 95th, Gabriel’s, and of course, Charlie Trotter’s. Below, you’ll find the special five course meal being served.

Matthias Merges and Chris Long
For the Charlie Trotter Project
Natalie’s June 4 2019

Course 1

Lightly Cured Salmon. Radish. Lemongrass. Seaweed

Course 2

Poached Maine Lobster, Galangal, Turmeric and Coconut

Course 3

Grilled Belon Oysters, Crispy Pig Ears, Lavender and Iberico Ham Broth

Course 4

20 Day Aged Rouen Duck, Ume Boshi Glaze, Ramp, Fermented Burdock and Foie Gras Crumpet

Course 5

Intermezzo of Rose, Tea and Honey


Japanese Cheesecake. Strawberries. Spruce. Lime

With a menu like this, there are no words for my excitement! To attend the dinner, reservations are required and can be made online or by calling the Camden Harbour Inn.

Dinner is $138/person, with a portion of the evening’s proceeds going to the Charlie Trotter Project.