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The Battle Of The Poutine Strikes Again

May 20, 2014

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that poutine is one of the hot food topics, right now. You’d also know that Portland has been ahead of the curve for a while, and there are multiple restaurants that are serving their interpretation of poutine. Last time, it was a close call between Duckfat & Nosh. This time around, there’s a few more contenders to keep up with!


Duckfat: What’s not to love? This is classic poutine, and you can add a fried egg to it. Haven’t tried it with the egg yet, but I’ve heard nothing but good things from those that have! This is the poutine that started it all for me.

Poutine at Duckfat


Silly’s: Their poutine is extremely different, and under the brunch category but SO satisfying. Fried eggs on top, bacon underneath, fries, and cheese everywhere: it’s just another crazy delicious thing on the Silly’s menu. I mean, would you expect anything less from them?

silly's portland me


Blue Rooster: Their “totine” is unlike anything else I’ve ever had, especially in the poutine variety. First of all, who doesn’t love tater tots? Don’t deny it: they were probably one of your favorite parts of school lunches when you were a kid. These take the tot idea to a whole new level. Blue Rooster is open late, meaning you can have these tots after a wild night out. Sign me up!

blue rooster totine

Portland & Rochester: Okay, you already know that I have some serious food love for this restaurant, but did you know that their poutine is also pretty damn good? I’m gong to credit their new chef, who is not only super talented but he’s also an extremely nice guy. He creates highly authentic Canadian fare while putting his own spin on things like a beet salad. The poutine: it’s great. It’s the classic the way that the Canadians intended it!

Little Tap House: LTH’s poutine features a delicious addition of braised beef on top. Their poutine is named on the bar bites menu, featuring the equally perfect listing of a charcuterie cheese plate. For being a bar bite and only $5, the poutine here is filling and just what you want when you’re waiting for brunch or dinner!


So, who wins this round of the battle of the poutine? I’m leaving it up to you. Mention me on twitter @207foodie with the hashtag #poutinebattle or comment on Facebook. We’ll find out soon enough who the winner is!