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More Brunch To Munch On

July 8, 2016

We know that it goes without saying that I adore brunch. If I could have it as every meal of my day (complete with a mimosa) I probably would. But since I can’t, this is the next best thing. Tired of going to all the same spots for brunch? When old favorites get tired, it’s time to try these other amazing brunches!blueberry cornbread slab brunch

Slab: The Hangover Cure

Had a little too much to drink the night before? Slab has everything you need to feel almost human again. Whether you go with the hair of the dog, mimosa, or a beer, it’s just what you need after a night of going hard. My favorite is anything that’s going to soak up the excess alcohol in my system, like the addictive blueberry cornbread. You think you know cornbread? You don’t know this cornbread. Add the whipped orange butter for some serious flavors exploding in your hungover mouth. Also delicious is the mushroom wedge, which isn’t quite as heavy but hits the spot.

terlingua pulled pork benedict close up

Terlingua: Pulled Pork Benedict on Green Chile Biscuits

Brunch just isn’t brunch without Eggs Benedict. Call me eggdicted (sorry, that was really bad but I had to) because there is almost nothing I wouldn’t put an egg on. Noodles? Check. Rice? Check. Toast? Check. Eggs Benedict? Best kind of runny egg there is. And it’s even better when it’s resting on a green chile biscuit, with pulled pork. Of course, you can probably get pulled pork benedict other places, but it’s the best when it’s from Terlingua. It helps that their specialty lies in smoked meats, making this an Eggs Benedict to remember. Trust me, you’ll love it!

piccolo frittata

Piccolo: Bottomless Mimosas & Italian Brunch

When you say bottomless mimosa around the country, it rings a bell. When you mention it in Portland, it really isn’t something that people think about. At Piccolo, brunch is an elegant affair. If baked eggs, farm fresh produce and fried chicken get you going, this is a brunch to try out. It may be a quiet brunch, but that gives you all the time in the world to enjoy and savor the food in front of you. And yes, bottomless mimosas are available, so you can finally have that experience here in Portland.

baked eggs isa

Isa: Small Menu Makes For a Craft Approach to Brunch

Brunch is the perfect way to catch up with old and new friends alike, and you’d be crazy not to try out Isa for brunch soon. The menu is lovingly crafted, and means that everything on this menu has been chosen because it’s delicious! I seem to have a bit of a soft spot for baked eggs wherever I go for brunch, and Isa’s are no exception. If you get the opportunity, sit outside for a magical hideaway that you’d swear whisks you away from Portland and into a lush paradise.

ruskis hangover killer

Ruski’s: There’s More To This Dive Bar Than Meets the Eye

A lot of people seem to think that as a foodie, I must be a food snob (Mom, I’m looking at you). And yes, I do enjoy fancy meals, or expensive restaurants, maybe more than the average person. But I also love dive bars and hole in the walls, like Ruski’s. Up until fairly recently, I’ve lived walking distance from Ruski’s, and I only tried them a few months ago. Let me tell you…brunch was so good I came back the next week for dinner.

What I love is the vibe, and the food. Also, I’m not sure I could possibly get a $5 pint mimosa anywhere else! I mean, I don’t even think I’d even seen a pint for a mimosa before, but it’s a great sight to see. Food wise, everything on the menu for breakfast sounds delicious, and the Hangover Special was no exception. 2 eggs your way, hash, home fries and toast. Good lord, that was a meal! Corned beef hash that had more flavor than some meals I’ve eaten, 4 slices of fresh toast, 2 eggs sunny side up, and home fries?! That could have been a meal for two people, easily. And it wasn’t just a quantity vs. quality thing either, because even with the high quantity of food that was served on my plate, the quality was fantastic! Please, do yourself a favor and try out Ruski’s if your favorite brunch spot has a line out the door this weekend.

Bayou Kitchen: Leave Downtown For a Southern Brunch Experience

Tired of the long line at Hot Suppa for brunch? I can’t guarantee it won’t be packed, but the Bayou Kitchen is an excellent place to try for some Southern comfort, right in Portland! Though I’ve only been once, the white chocolate macadamia nut pancakes are a treat that I keep thinking about, even years later. With a menu that spans breakfast and lunch favorites, you really can’t go wrong for sweet or savory options. Add prices that won’t break the bank, and this is a brunch you’ll keep coming back for.

Considering the fact that new brunches seem to be added weekly, I know there are more places I’ve yet to try. Let me know in the comments what Portland favorites I need to visit next!