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A Dive Bar To Remember: Tomaso’s Canteen

June 9, 2016

Recently, there has been one place in Portland that I just keep coming back to. Any ideas? This spot recently opened, and has specials for practically every day of the week. It’s Tomaso’s Canteen! What was formerly Sangillo’s is now a dive bar owned by the owner of Samuels, another Portland institution. Time and time again, this has been the place my boyfriend and I stop. Whether it’s for a mini bar crawl that stopped at Brian Baru, Bubble Mainea and Tomaso’s (how I spent my Memorial Day), or just to blow off some steam at happy hour after the work day, there’s a lot to love. Here’s why:

happy hour sausage

The $5 Happy Hour Sausage Sandwich

Happy Hour: 4-6 pm everyday

Happy hour at Tomaso’s really is the epitome of what I wanted happy hour to be, especially before I turned 21. I always envisioned $2 drinks and cheap bites that would actually fill me up. Tomaso’s has turned my fantasy into a reality! $2 Narraganset pounders, $1.50 red hot dogs and a $5 sausage sandwich? Yes, this is a happy hour that I’m loving! The sausage sandwich is huge: I wasn’t sure I’d be able to finish the whole thing, to be honest. If you want to try a unique appetizer, the fried mozz balls are pretty baller…they come out in a martini glass!

You have to try these at least once just to say you have!

You have to try these at least once just to say you have!



Taco Tuesday: 2 for $3

Yes, you read that right: on Tuesdays, you can get 2 tacos for $3. If you like tacos on Tuesdays, you definitely need to check out Tomaso’s! I’ve only been once for the tacos, but they were large and filling. Choices run between chicken, pork, beef, and fish, and a choice between hard or soft taco shells. Add a $3 beer or something on tap for one of the cheapest meals you’re going to find in Portland. The selection changes slightly from week to week, so if you’re worried about taco monotony, just relax!

Another reason to come: $5 Pasta on Mondays! Also, it looks like they’ve recently added a comedy night on Mondays, which won’t change $5 pasta night. And if that doesn’t do it for you: weekend brunch has been added! As if I needed another reason to love this place! With this many opportunities and specials, add Tomaso’s Canteen to your list of new spots to try. Chances are, you’ll see me there!