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Let’s Talk About Wine And What Winc Can Offer!

November 6, 2020

Okay, so as a foodie, in the last few years, I’ve finally started to get into wine. This has been fun because obviously, food and wine definitely go together. Now, I’m no wine expert by any means, but what I do love is the idea of wines delivered straight to my door. Enter Winc.

What makes Winc stand out from the pack

Love wine? You might end up loving Winc!

There are tons of wine subscription services out there. I’ve tried my fair share over the years, and none have really stuck with me. A lot of it is a price point issue.

Wine can be exorbitantly expensive sometimes. Granted, it’s usually worth it because you don’t really want the two buck chuck (seriously, that’s like a one way ticket to a hangover) but I’ve never been one of those people that wants to spend $50 on one bottle of wine.

With Winc, you can sign up and pause your subscription for as long (or as little) as you want. Confession time here guys: I’m a SLOW wine drinker.

Like it could take me several days to finish one bottle of wine by myself. Some nights, I nurse a single glass of wine all night long! So the concept of having 3 or 4 bottles of wine shipped straight to me that I can’t pause…it makes me nervous.

Yes, I have a wine fridge. And I have a bar. But that could be a lot of wine that I’m not drinking quickly enough, except Winc gets me.

And that’s why you can pause every month, or just hang onto your credits. How Winc works is really simple: you pay for your subscription each month (or you pause it for the month if you need to) and then you get credits.

Your credits let you pick the wine you want and have it shipped to you. It’s simple, it’s easy, and really, what’s better than that feeling you get when your wine box arrives? Like, we’re in the middle of a pandemic…you need something to live for, why not make it your wine delivery?

Now, let’s talk about the wine

Sip sip hooray for Winc!

I can confidently say that I’ve been drinking wine from Winc through COVID. Since March, I’ve been imbibing and enjoying plenty of wines!

That’s seven months of wine. So I can say that the wine you get from Winc is legit.

Me personally, I veer towards the whites and a rosé here and there, especially in the summer. But I know that there are plenty of people that like red wine.

Luckily, Winc has plenty of choices for whatever kind of wine you’re into. Now, some of the more popular wines have been sold out just because so many people are trying Winc during COVID, but seriously, there’s more than enough for you to try.

Here’s a little taste of what was in my last box in September!

Orange Wine: 2019 Wonderful Wine Co. Malvasia Bianca

Orange wine is the new rose wine

Okay, I know an orange wine sounds..well, it sounds odd but part of why I added this to my box was because they are kind of trendy right now. So, what makes an orange wine, orange?

It’s a white wine that’s made with white grapes, but with skin contact during fermentation. Apparently it’s this skin contact that is normally done for making red wine.

So an orange wine is a little like a red wine, a little like a white wine, and this one is packed with tons of flavor. It’s not too sweet but it’s also a little dry, which makes it nice for summer, as well as those autumn evenings after a long work day. I’d definitely get another bottle!

2019 Pacificana Rosé

One of the best roses available from Winc right now

This rosé was interesting because it was one of the darker and redder rosés I’ve had in a while. Usually, I go for rosés that are a little on the pinker side.

It’s not that I don’t like red wine, it’s that it doesn’t like me. Those tannins and sulfites usually do quite a number to my head, resulting in an instant headache.

So, I like to avoid red wines because of that. Now, this rosé, while redder, was not heavy. It didn’t go straight to my head and didn’t make me feel awful in the slightest! It was fruity, light, and delightful to drink. I’d order this one again!

2019 Honey Beast Viognier

Well, I wanted to like this one but it was not a favorite for me at all. I couldn’t even finish the bottle! Something about it just rubbed me the wrong way.

I normally am a fan of most white wines that aren’t an oaky Chardonnay, but this wine from Winc was not for me. It had a cloyingly sweet taste, which you could probably attribute to the honey flavor.

That also may be the bees kept following me around when I was drinking this outside. At least the bees were enjoying it when they swam around in my wine glass and got a little tipsy!

Oh well. This will not be on my list of wines to order again. If you did want to try it, you’ll have to wait because it’s so popular that it’s currently out of stock.

2019 Far + Wide, Grüner Vetliner Austria

What's not to love about Winc?

Now this Austrian wine was much more my taste. Bright with hints of citrus and a tiny bit of spice, this a wine that has plenty to offer.

It’s not too sweet so you can easily enjoy sipping it on its own. It would also pair well with seafood or Thai food.

I like trying new things, especially when it comes to wine, but I’d definitely consider buying another bottle of the Far + Wide to enjoy at home for a second go round.

Want to try Winc for yourself? Use my link and get 40% off your first order! Who can say no to wine that’s conveniently delivered right to their door?