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Need A Last Minute Gift For The Foodie In Your Life?

December 19, 2014

IMG_0799 The title of this blog post alone should say it all, but you probably know someone that quite literally, has it all. They have fine wine, every cookbook ever published, jams from Stonewall Kitchen and don’t seem to need anything. So, here’s an interesting gift idea: cheese. 

Now, hear me out. I’m not talking the stuff you put on your sandwiches squished between your lunch meats (unless you make a habit of putting artisanal cheese on your sandwiches). This is the cheese that is made for cheese plates, a nice glass of red, and an evening to sit and really taste them. The holidays are my favorite time for cheese, if only because it’s an incredible way to discover new favorites, and stretch your palate.


James is the cheese expert to talk to!

If you’re buying cheese for Christmas, Hanukkah, or the New Year, where do you go? In Portland, look no further than the Public Market! The last time you were there, you probably went straight to the second floor, either for Kamasouptra or Love Cupcakes. But on the first floor, there’s a great spot that you’re probably walking right past, called K. Horton Specialty Foods. If you haven’t figured it out yet, here is where you will find a cheese paradise, just waiting to be tasted. With over 150 different kinds of cheeses to choose from, you’re sure to find a cheese that your favorite foodie has yet to try.

IMG_0808That could be the Mimolette from France, which used to be shot out of a cannonball when cannonballs ran out (really) which starts incredibly silky and quite mild, but is rich and velvety at the finish.




Or maybe the unusual Goat Gouda from IMG_0804Holland, which seems to have been made just for grilled cheese sandwiches. It will quite literally melt on your tongue with a strong flavor! Provolone and Swiss have nothing on this cheese.

Even more unusual: a cheddar fudge cheese from…you guessed it: Wisconsin. I tried this one a few weeks back at their last free cheese tasting (twice a month on Thursdays) and it’s different. Don’t try this one if you like your chocolate separate from other flavors, because it’s literally a chocolate cheese.

Trust me when I say there is so much more cheese to be tried, and I’m up for the challenge..hopefully you are too!