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207 Foodie’s Late Night Bites Guide

December 5, 2014

Let’s be honest here: after a night out on the town, sometimes all you want is something to eat! And that something is probably cheesy, greasy and heaven in your intoxicated state. But how hard is it to remember these places, especially when you’re in that state? Here’s my tried and true list of go to places!

Benkay: All Night Happy Hour Sushi & $10 40 oz Mai Tai’s til 1 am

You could spend your whole night at Benkay (the one on Congress, not India Street. Because there’s always that one person who goes to the one on the other side of town…sorry Brendan!) noshing on sushi and enjoying their Mai Tai’s. From meat skewers to apps and classic rolls, this is a sushi lovers dream. Of course, it’s no Miyake, and the rolls that are on the happy hour special aren’t any of their signature ones, but where else are you going to find $3 rolls at 1 am? Answer: you’re not going to.

slab portland maineSlab
Late night pizza that’s half off? If that sounds like your thing (it’s definitely mine) then you need to hit up Slab for a late night bite. As if it wasn’t already affordable enough, they slash their prices after midnight. So grab a beer before 1 am, and share a slab, or a spicy meat wedge with a few people in your group. It’s basically a hangover killer, which is exactly what you wanted to hear!




Blue Rooster
If you go during the peak of 10 pm-1am, you’re probably going to be waiting in a hefty line. But trust me, it’s worth it for these tot-tastic creations (I’m sorry, I had to). From totine to bacon and ranch, there’s a lot to love at Blue Rooster. If you somehow decide to not try the tots, the sandwiches are pretty killer too. Add in some Thai iced tea and you’ve got a night to remember.

You just can’t have a late night spot list without Nosh. There’s a good reason for that: their menu is just begging to be tried late in the evening. Classic bacon dusted fries, the Nosh burger, or their dessert menu are all good things to order, but there’s so much of this menu I still need to experience.

This is one of the first places I discovered in Portland for late night food. With a special after hours menu, you’re set for a great evening after the festivities are over. Some of my favorites include the pad thai, mussels with sticky rice, and the crispy octopus. Don’t forget to get one of their signature cocktails, like the Thai Tea Margarita or one of their house infusions. Affordable and delicious, this is definitely one to go try if you haven’t yet!

Know a place that should be on the list? Let me know!