First Slurps at Maine Oyster Co

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First Slurps at Maine Oyster Company

November 2, 2018

Well guys, I did it..I ate oysters for the first time in 16 years just a few weeks ago! Don’t go thinking I’ve lost my mind or anything, because I haven’t. I went to the allergist for a separate issue and they tested me for the allergy. Turns out I’m no longer allergic to oysters.Have you visited Maine Oyster Company yet?

I went to check out opening day at the Maine Oyster Company. Say what you want about the location, which is up and coming, but Maine Oyster Company is a great addition!

I’ll be frank: I don’t know much about oysters. What I do know is oysters are a big deal in Maine and I’m happy to see Maine Oyster Company welcomed to Portland’s restaurant scene!

Oysters all around at Maine Oyster Company, anyone?

I love the idea of an oyster shop that is showcasing the local oyster purveyors from all around the state. I’ve known one of the owners, John Herrigel for a while when I worked for him running his social media several years ago. There’s something beautiful about combining community and food. It makes it seem like oysters are about a lot more than just taste.

Maine Oyster Company is focusing on the story behind the oysters. Yes, the oysters are fresh. But when you’re slurping those oysters back, they are helping oyster farmers at the same time. Pretty cool!

Ready to eat all the oysters at Maine Oyster Company? I know I am!

Okay, enough about the background. What about the oysters? You can order oysters individually or by the half dozen and dozen. Currently, oysters can be ordered on the half shell from Eider Coves, Iron Island, MDI, Nonesuch Emeralds, and Wolfe’s Neck.

Get your #finsta on at Maine Oyster Company.

It doesn’t get more local than this, considering they are from oyster farms in New Meadows River, Bar Harbor, Scarborough River, and Casco Bay! Accoutrements include a house mignette made from Allagash beer and maple syrup, as well as a tangy blueberry.

For oyster lovers and fans of Portland’s local food scene, come check out Maine Oyster Company!

After all, they are farm to slurp certified!