Celebrate Aroma Joe’s 1 Year Beanaversary!

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Celebrate Aroma Joe’s 1 Year Beanaversary!

January 16, 2020

Love coffee? Want to help Aroma Joe’s celebrate their 1 year Beanaversary? (The answer to that is yes, of course).

As an Aroma Joe’s customer, January 16th is a special day. Why, you ask? They are giving away a FREE 16 ounce hot OR iced coffee ALL day.

Not a bad time to be a customer, huh? Now, here’s what’s so cool about this. In addition to the free coffee, customers also get a pre-stamped postcard to send a message to someone they think is awesome. What’s better than helping to spread a message of positivity like that?

With your free coffee comes an #ajsbeanaversary sticker – take a picture of yourself wearing the sticker and post it to enter a contest to win a whole year of free coffee! More information on the contest is available here – www.aromajoes.com/beanaversary

What’s better than free coffee and spreading a great message? Want in? Just visit your local AJ’s on Thursday, January 16th to participate! Happy 1 year Beanaversary, Aroma Joe’s!