A Sneak Peek At TIQA's New Menu

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A Sneak Peek At TIQA’s New Menu

March 30, 2018

When it comes to Mediterranean cuisine in Portland, TIQA is probably the first name that you think of. Mediterranean is what TIQA does. But what you may not know is there will be a new chef, and a brand new menu as well. What does this mean for TIQA? Chef Gaetano Ascione is bringing in the beginning of a new era, with a menu that’ll make your mouth water. Check out some highlights to try when it debuts on April 2nd!

Carne CrudoCarne crudo at TIQA

When it comes to a beautiful meal, the carne crudo at TIQA is the way to begin. With bright colors and even brighter flavors, this crudo will melt in your mouth. Let’s not forget that this is definitely Instagram worthy, as well. We all know that that is important…have you seen my Instagram feed? I loved the mouthfeel of the thinly sliced raw beef, uni, and the amazing garlic accoutrement on the side. That’s perfect bite status right there.

Beet Salad

Fresh Beet Salad

I’ve never understood it, but many people believe that beets taste like dirt. First of all, why do you know what dirt even tastes like? Regardless, I fell into instant love with the beet salad.It’s simple but the best things in life usually are. This beet salad is one of them! It’s fresh, bright, and bursting with flavor, which is the most important element for a salad, at least in my opinion. Don’t be surprised if you think about licking the plate!

Maple Syrup Glazed Berkshire Pork BellyGet ready to lick your plate when you get the pork belly at TIQA

I don’t care what you order, there is always a favorite part of any meal.And this maple syrup glazed pork belly was mine. It’s definitely decadent but who knew that maple syrup and pork belly could go so well together? The pork belly was incredibly tender, and the maple syrup held just enough sweetness to complement the fattiness of the pork belly. Do yourself a favor and order this!

Ricotta Gnocchi

Have you had ricotta gnocchi from TIQA? If not, you are missing out

Whatever gnocchi you may be used to has nothing on the gnocchi at TIQA. Ricotta gnocchi is practically as light as a feather, and basically just melts in your mouth.No guarantees on if the parmesan will be served on top of it, but you’ll need to break it with the back of your spoon if it’s included. Parmesan, ricotta, and pesto are such perfect flavors to blend together. I honestly could have just eaten a whole bowl of this and I would have been extremely content.

Check out TIQA’s new menu and let me know what you think! Find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!