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Zapoteca Restaurante Y Tequileria

April 9, 2013

UPDATE: Zapoteca Restaurante closed in summer of 2017

Let it be known that good Mexican is hard to find. I don’t care if you’re in the Midwest or on the East Coast, finding the real deal is a challenge. As a foodie, Mexican is not really my thing. However, as always, an intriguing Groupon appeared in my email a few weeks ago and I had heard only good things about Zapoteca. So I decided to make it a date and checked it out. Here’s what I got:

Entree: Enchiladas de Cangrejo y Camarones (Enchilada with Shrimp & Crab)

Yes, you read that right: Enchiladas with shrimp and crab in them. You can probably guess that I love seafood if I’m from the Midwest and going to school in Maine, right? Shrimp has always been my true love, and the flavors were definitely dancing in my mouth with this dish. The sauce was spicy, but my Mojito was able to cool things down, along with the medley of black beans and a simple green salad. For Mexican, this was doing things right for me!

Check out the Enchiladas Suizas de Pollo (Enchiladas with Chicken):

I got a bite, and yes, that chicken was about as tender as it could have been. And my oh my, was there a kick to my boyfriend’s dish. Considering it was gone at least 10 minutes before I was anywhere near done (I’m a slow foodie, I like to savor my food!) I’m going to go ahead and say he highly enjoyed his meal.

Alright, now here is where we get to dessert. Let it be known, dessert is the best meal of the day. Maybe we just got a bad flan or something, but it didn’t taste the way it looked.

Looking at that, it is clear that it appears to be really good. My issue with it was that it had the consistency of rubber, rather than custardy goodness. So, Zapoteca could definitely work on making the flan a better consistency. Don’t get me wrong, when I have a craving for good Mexican, I will definitely come back, probably to try the pork enchiladas, because they sounded amazing on the menu. However, I’ll skip the flan, and go with either the bread pudding, which we almost ordered, or maybe the crème brûlée.

Bottom line: Great Mexican that will quite literally leap off of your tongue. Go try it!