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Why I Love Slab: Best Opening This Summer

August 11, 2014

slab portland maineIf you love Portland, then you know that new restaurants are part of this city’s amazing charm. And if you’ve been to Portland recently, then you’ll also know about Slab. What’s there to know? My personal opinion is this is definitely one of my new favorite restaurants in the area. Here’s why!



1. Great Food Can Be Affordable

One of the best things about Slab is how affordable it is. There are very few places in this town where you can split an excellent meal between two people for dinner, for under $30 without a sacrifice in flavor or fresh ingredients. It’s a breath of fresh air that Slab does just that, while keeping you satiated and in wonder at the 1 pound slab right in front of you.

2. Perfect Late Night Or Mid Day

It’s rare to find a restaurant that caters just as well to a late night crowd as they do for lunchtime. Whether you’re going to Slab on a Friday afternoon (I couldn’t help myself), or you’re taking advantage of their genius half price slab deal after a night on the town, Slab is consistently delicious. Yes, even when it’s cold and a couple of hours old, this pizza is still great. After a long night drinking, there’s almost nowhere else I’d rather go!

3. Portland’s Reputation For Pizza Gets A Big Boost

One really big reason to love Slab has to be that Portland’s reputation for pizza climbs up as a result. There’s no way that a restaurant considered one of the most anticipated openings in the country would do anything else. Let’s face it: most of the time, when people think pizza, they don’t think Portland. Granted, we’ve got Otto and Bonobo, but Slab really brings the pizza game up a few notches. It’s gourmet, but budget friendly. It’s pizza, but by the pound. And frankly, it’s only going to get more popular the more that people try it.

ICYMI: they have a cannoli ice cream cone. If you love dessert, order it. It’s a cannoli, filled with rich ricotta (I had peanut butter) and then filled in an ice cream cone. It’s the best of both worlds: ice cream and cannoli’s.