Downtown Restaurants

The Bar of Chocolate

September 26, 2013

Dessert is the best meal of the day to me, and The Bar of Chocolate in the Old Port deserves some recognition. As a chocoholic, I’ve never found a place that quenches my endless thirst for chocolate and dessert quite like they do. From alcoholic beverages to the perfect dessert to end your night, The Bar of Chocolate means business.

chocolate martini at the bar of chocolate

If you want your sweet tooth satisfied, I’d recommend the Creme Bruleé, one of my favorite desserts. It’s been in my top 3 for years, and this dish is perfect: Smooth custard, hard candy topping, light and fluffy but still heavenly. This is my pick!

Now, maybe you’re in the mood for something with a little bit more texture and crunch to it. Then I’d recommend you try the Macadamia Nut and Pecan tart. This tart will give you your taste for chocolate and then some, along with nuts and a sweet topping drizzled with chocolate. It’s delicious. I guarantee you aren’t going to be leaving wanting chocolate after you finish!

Or, maybe you just want a drink that will turn your insides into melted, ooey gooey chocolate. If you have the time, sitting down to try the Chocolate Martini may be the best decision you make all night. Chocoholic or not, this Martini is unlike any other you’ll ever try, made with luxurious chocolate liquor, and vodka, with chocolate along the rim.

If you have a hankering for chocolate or something sweet, The Bar of Chocolate is sure to please your sweet tooth. You might leave thinking that you’ll never eat something sweet again.