Downtown Restaurants

Taco Escobarr

September 3, 2013

Though Mexican has never really been my thing, the one restaurant that I keep coming back to is Taco Escobarr. Located right across the street from Nosh, I am compelled to eat their delicious tacos. Granted, I have never considered myself a fan of Mexican food. Sure, the occasional burrito and taco is consumed, but usually not sought out. Last year, my roommate M and I decided that we wanted to try somewhere new in Portland, because we had a free day and wanted to explore. We decided to try Taco Escobarr, figuring it would be cheap and a fun place to experience.

The atmosphere of Taco Escobarr is so fun! Not only was the food to die for, but it was fun and relaxed. There was a digital Juke Box, and a crazy mural on the wall. Now the food, that is where we were surprised. 3 tacos for about $10 sounds like a good deal. But I was honestly blown away by my order. Crunchy shell, 1 pork, and 2 steak. The tacos came out and my mouth automatically started to water. They looked that good!

taco escobarr tacos

Uploading this photo is making my mouth water yet again. I don’t even know how to describe why they were so good. But each bite tasted like I had stumbled into my own personal piece of food heaven. The steak was juicy, and loaded with flavor. My favorite was the pork, which literally stopped me dead in my tracks. I took a bite and just sat there savoring it. My roommate just looked at me as if I had lost my mind, and maybe I had. It didn’t matter, because this taco was amazing. So not only is it cheap, but also damn good!

Followers, flash forward to January 2013.  I went back to Taco Escobarr, for dinner instead of lunch. No regrets! Just tasty tacos with tons of flavor. On my second trip, I ordered 3 soft tacos, a little different from what I ordered on my first visit. 2 Chipotle pork and 1 guajillo-pineapple chicken. 3 soft tacos for 8 bucks is a deal that you cannot resist. SO worth it! Although, if I have to choose, I think I’ll get what I ordered on my first trip again, because it was out of this world.

Having now tried Taco Escobarr multiple times, I can confidently tell you that:

A: It is worth it

B. The tacos are always good!

C. The margaritas (Pear has been my only foray) are tasty and the perfect pairing with a taco

D. You should go

If you want a great taco, Taco Escobarr will not disappoint. Maybe you’ll see me there!