So What’s A Secret Supper?

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So What’s A Secret Supper?

May 16, 2019

Over the last few months, you may have noticed that I’ve attended several “secret suppers” in the Portland area. Bet you’re wondering what these secret suppers are and how you can get in on one too, right?

I’m lifting the veil of secrecy so we can talk about 2Gether Private Chefs!

What Is 2Gether Private Chefs?

Most secret supper events start off with charcuteries like this

2Gether Private Chefs is an amazing business! There’s a lot of moving pieces to describe what they are exactly:

  • private chefs
  • secret suppers around the greater Portland area to tantalize your tastebuds and open you up to new food experiences
  • available for your private events and parties in your own home

Now, I’m sure there are plenty of private chefs in Portland, but the secret suppers are something else entirely. The founder and head chef of 2Gether Private Chefs is Amy Kayne.

Amy's hummus is a highlight at any Secret Supper!

Amy is an incredible chef with a Lebanese and Italian background. More importantly, she apprenticed at Hugo’s for 120 hours, meaning she knows her stuff.

The Woman Behind 2Gether Private Chefs

Amy Kayne is the heart behind every secret supper

Everything Amy touches has a little Middle Eastern flair, and her own magic. Watching her cook these 5 and 6 course meals is often like watching a conductor lead their symphony.

It’s truly art. When you consider a meal, there are tiny touches that you may ignore or not even realize are there. Amy sees everything. Her attention to detail means that every bite is a perfect bite.

This attention to detail stretches to more than just entrees. Everything has that little extra bit of something. Like watermelon that’s topped with silky whipped feta cheese.

You might get lucky and get to try this tuna shooter at your secret supper!

Or a tuna “sushi” bite that is so much more…with a secret ingredient that touches the tip of your palate without overwhelming the bite.

Other notable creations are her creamed corn with chicken (also served with salmon). Creamed corn? Like out of a can? Nope.

More like corn and avocado and plenty of spices that make your tastebuds sing. You would think that the sheer multitude of flavors would be overwhelming but it’s not.

Get ready for creamed corn like you've never experienced it before at a secret supper

To have that ability is simply a gift. And Amy has it in spades. How can one woman do it all? She has a hand picked team! Her team is just as talented at creating nuanced meals that you can’t forget.

Want to attend a secret supper? The next one is September 21st at Oxbow Brewery in Newcastle, Maine.

It even features a private tour of the brewery and of course your food is perfectly paired with their spectacular beers. Tickets are still available and can be purchased here.

Can’t make the next secret supper? I guarantee there will be more! You’ll probably see me at one because one secret supper is just not enough.