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Portland’s Noodle Breakdown: Pt. 2

March 25, 2015

So it’s supposedly “spring” out there, but I’m sensing soup season is still in fine form. Until we’re hitting 40s, 50s and 60 degree weather pretty regularly, you’ll find me slurping down these noodle soups. Part 2 of the Noodle Breakdown, commence!

mi senMi Sen: In Part 1, there was a bit of a focus on the noodle soups that are Pho or ramen based, but I can’t leave out Mi Sen. Their Thai noodle soups seriously hit the spot on a cold day. Combine the ability to customize your noodles, meat, and flavor, and this is one of my favorite cold day lunch spots.



saigonSaigon: I have to admit, I got a little bit of help from the community on this one. Thanks for the recommendation, because I’m definitely going back. What’s great about Saigon is their reasonable prices, plus the selection. Not only do they have Pho, but they have various Udon soups, as well as a diverse menu of noodles, rice and Vietnamese goodies. And the Udon was delicious! I can only imagine how mouth watering the Pho is (I really love Vietnamese fare, no denying it) and will be trying it soon.

bubble maineaBubble Mainea: Everyone’s favorite bubble tea place in Portland also has food. Bubble Mainea was my go to lunch place for a while, simply because $6 noodle soups that are quite literally the size of your head are too good to pass up. Get it to go and be the envy of your office.

Though this goes without saying, noodle soup is a bit NSFW in that it’s broth, and usually requires chopsticks. But the pay off: worth it.

Also, there are other places that have noodle soup, but they aren’t immediately available. Earlier in the winter, Eventide had a great ramen bowl on their dinner menu, but I missed it. Bao Bao has a soup on special as well, but it comes and goes, as specials do. I will try them, even if I have to wait until next year!