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Portland’s best brunch spots

January 14, 2015

If you love the weekend, I bet that you love brunch just as much as I do. Weekends and brunch are the perfect marriage of food (and cocktails). So here’s the crucial question: where do you go? I have the answer, with Portland’s best brunch spots. You can thank me later.


  1. Southern Flavor-Hot Suppa! If you’re looking to inject a little bit of southern flair into brunch, this Portland favorite is a great stop. Grits? Check! Chicken and Waffles? Oh yes. How about picture perfect omelettes, fluffy pancakes, and specials that you won’t find anywhere else? Yeah, you’ll find everything you want and more at Hot Suppa. Be prepared though…this is a popular restaurant, and you will wait in line for Sunday brunch. I can assure you, it’s worth it!

hot suppa

Chicken & Waffles

  1. American Fare- Bintliff’s The eggs benedict is pretty killer here, and Bintliff’s is extremely well known for having fresh food with an ideal American twist. You’ll find plenty of cocktails here, including an incredibly tall mimosa for $9. Don’t forget about the pancakes, or the amazing Maine crab cakes. You’ll forget you’re in Portland and think you’re in Maryland, home of the crab cake. Again, be prepared to wait in line, but that’s a common theme of brunch here!
  1. Spanish Inspired Food, Low Price Tag-Local 188- Coming to Local 188 for dinner can be expensive, so it’s refreshing to come in for weekend brunch here and not have to worry about hurting your wallet. I recommend the Huevos Rancheros if you’re looking to inject a little Spanish flair into your morning, or are looking to recover from a hangover from Friday night. Oh, and Local 188 is just a few steps away from Hot Suppa!, convenient if they are too busy to let you in and you don’t want to wait in line!
  1. Head To The Arts District-Little Tap House When you walk into an establishment and find out that there are $3 mimosas, you know that you’re in for a real treat. Little Tap House has $3 mimosas, plus delicious brunch food. You could get poutine with two eggs on top of it, or the immensely popular Little Tap House breakfast (I went to brunch a few weeks ago here and of the four of us, my three companions ordered it) that includes eggs, home fries, and your choice of ham, bacon or sausage plus a biscuit for a cool $7. Me personally, I go for the chef’s Benedict, but that’s me…I’m biased when it comes to eggs benedict! Their beef braised poutine on the menu is pretty amazing too.

poutine little tap house

  1. For A Little Taste Of Germany In Portland-Schulte & Herr- Sometimes when you go to brunch, does it feel like you find the same things on every menu, no matter where you go? If you’re looking for a breath of fresh air for your brunch choice, try out Schulte & Herr. German brunch is an amazing start to your day. From potato pancakes with lox (oh yes) to German style omelettes that are cooked in butter and closely resemble a frittata, you’re going to be in love. However, there’s one thing you should know: this is a BYOB establishment, so if you want a mimosa, be sure to bring a bottle of bubbly with you!

schulte and herr lox

  1. For The Kid In You Or With Your Kids- Silly’s– When you think of brunch, it doesn’t always have to be adult. At Silly’s, being a little bit different is encouraged. From matching games on the table to unique menu offerings, I promise you are going to have a very memorable time at Silly’s! Now, if you do want to make it an adult brunch, make sure to take advantage of their Mymosa deal. On Saturday’s and Sunday’s, you can build your own Mymosa, complete with choice of juice, type of bubbly, and one complimentary garnish. Brunch just got much more fun! Oh, and don’t forget about their menu items either…the menu is extensive and chock full of delicious offerings!

battle of the poutine strikes back

7. For A Taste Of Why The Rooms Rule, The Front Room-If you love Portland, you have to know about Harding Lee Smith’s The Rooms, right? If you somehow don’t, start with brunch at The Front Room. Take a little journey up to Munjoy Hill. Enjoy blood orange mimosas, huevos rancheros, or some brioche French toast. Or go down the breakfast sandwich route. No matter what you order, you’re going to find something to love. Just make sure to leave room for a specialty cocktail, otherwise you’re going to regret it all week. Which would give you a reason to come back the next weekend, wouldn’t it?


8. Love Waffles? How About Mimosas And Waffles?-MJ’s Wine Bar- This feels like something I should keep to myself, but I can’t. I must share the Sunday waffle love with you! If you’re not familiar with MJ’s Wine Bar in downtown Portland, you’re truly missing out. They play live jazz, have awesome wine tastings, and oh yeah..they serve $3 waffles on Sunday’s for brunch. It’s a low-key affair, but if you love waffles that are drizzled in blueberry compote and are warm and fresh, you’ve got to come and try them out. Sometimes, all you want on a Sunday is some waffles and a mimosa, and that’s okay.


  1. The West End Portland Staple- Caiola’s- Caiola’s has been around for a while and if you want brunch in Portland, this is one of the first places people will ask you if you’ve tried. There’s a reason for that: it’s damn good. When a Bird’s Nest means the Italian version of biscuits and gravy, with butter drenched toast that’s surrounded by a sunny side up egg (though you can order them to your liking) and sweet potato fries, it’s a sign that Portland knows exactly what’s up. Come early on Sunday, because they fill up. Make a reservation and bring all your friends, and stay the morning into the afternoon.

bird's nest

10. The Newcomer -Central Provisions-The final brunch spot, and I do think I’ve left off with one of the best ones. Central Provisions has to make the list, just for the jalapeno cornbread. Or the bread and butter, which sounds so simple but it so much more: a farm fresh egg, fresh homemade butter, and hot bread. All fresh, and incredibly filling. This brunch takes farm to table and cocktails very seriously, and it shows. If you’re not already familiar with Central Provisions because of their small plates, brunch is sure to make you think twice about where to go next weekend.

central provisions