West End Restaurants

Hot Suppa!

August 2, 2013

Although some people would not call State Street a booming part of Portland, it is the avenue I must travel to find quality restaurants. Lucky for me, within a 3-5 block radius are some of the best restaurants I have yet to try! Next on the list: Hot Suppa! Having visited twice this summer, once for breakfast and once for dinner, I can confidently say that Hot Suppa! is consistently good and will not disappoint.

For breakfast, try an omelette, or maybe the French Toast! I didn’t say you’d be able to move after, but wow, you get a lot of food for a very reasonable price. The omelette is not only fluffy and delicious, it’s also one of the most perfect omelettes you will probably ever have the pleasure of ordering. As my boyfriend said, “it’s perfect! It looks like a fake omelette!” Direct quote, people. Don’t you want to try out a “perfect” omelette?

omelette at hot suppa!

Also highly recommended: the French Toast. My order came out, warm and sweet, with real maple syrup. It was soft and fluffy, so much so I didn’t even need a knife to cut it up. In this case, simple is always better for breakfast food. After eating breakfast and brunch all summer, I believe that Hot Suppa! may have the best breakfast out there. And that’s a big deal.

Now, maybe breakfast isn’t your thing (though I can’t imagine why). Hot Suppa! is also great for dinner. Sit inside at a roomy booth, or try your hand at sitting at the bar. Maybe order a cocktail or two, but dinner is worth it. As a foodie, I’m always on the quest to find the best pulled pork. I’ve tried a few places in Portland so far, but I think Hot Suppa! is a contender.

Why: Moist, basically required no effort to eat, and had a great tangy BBQ sauce. I’m partial to the messier the better for pulled pork, and ordered a side of cornbread as well. Needless to say, I was pretty full by the end of this meal.

Not only is the pulled pork divine, but dessert is definitely not too shabby! I had the pleasure of trying the Chocolate Bread Pudding, which blew my mind. How can you possibly combine two of my favorite desserts and not be satisfied with the results? A dream to eat, and take home as well!

Bottom line: Hot Suppa! is a great place to go for your dining desires, especially if you like dishes that have a little extra Southern flavor! Lunch or Dinner, they will serve you a meal that is sure to impress. But don’t take my word for it..try it out for yourself!