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Have You Ever Tried A Duck Burger?

May 2, 2014

It’s a weird way to start, I know. But have you ever had a duck burger? I’m not talking about a burger topped with duck, fried in duck fat, or in honor of the Mighty Ducks. Though that last one would be pretty cool! No, I’m talking about a burger patty made exclusively out of duck.

blaze bangor maine

At Blaze in Bangor, they serve duck burgers. Here’s what I love about this: every single burger has the option of being either: (drumroll please!)

A. Standard Beef Patty
B. Duck Patty
C. Quinoa Patty
D. Turkey Patty

Any of these answers could be the “right answer” so to speak because it’s all about what you want. Now, I’m all about Portland, but I think that Bangor’s Blaze has the right idea. Of course, not only is the choice that you make important, but so is the quality of the meat!

So how does it size up to a standard beef patty burger? Let’s just say that if I could make every burger I have in the future a duck burger, I would. I can never decide if my favorite kind of meat is lamb or duck, but duck has to be in my top 3 at the very least. This was a lot of duck, but sometimes a lot of a good thing, is still a good thing!

If you like duck, you’ll love it. If you love a good burger, you’ll love it as well because the duck is cooked just right. I ordered mine medium rare, so it was a little bit pink but extremely tender, which is what I wanted. This is a burger that doesn’t need ketchup, trust me.

Though I’m usually a Portland girl, getting the opportunity to try something so new was exciting! And if I’m back in the area, I will most definitely be stopping by Blaze to try something else off their massive menu. If you go, you might be there for a while, because the sheer amount of stuff on the menu might overwhelm you. If you love drinks, burgers, and fries that are fried in duck fat (sounds a little bit like a northern version of Duckfat) then you will love Blaze.