First Sips: Sagamore Hill Lounge

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First Sips: Sagamore Hill Lounge

May 31, 2018

First sips at Sagamore Hill Lounge

I know, it feels like it’s been a while since my last review, but I assure you, I’ve been eating and drinking my way around Portland faithfully. If you’re not aware, there’s a new bar opening in Portland’s West End. Check out my first sips of Sagamore Hill Lounge!

Try the Smokey Sunset at Portland's Sagamore Hill Lounge!

A good bar has to have a good, solid cocktail menu. At Sagamore Hill Lounge, you’ll definitely find that and more! I was a tiny bit skeptical about a president themed bar when I first heard about it in the fall. After all, there’s already Lincoln’s, which is loosely based around President Lincoln, and everything is $5. But hey, in this political climate there’s been more of a focus on the good days, when we didn’t have Trump as president.

Experience the rugged outdoors at Sagamore Hill

So a bar that’s focused around Teddy Roosevelt is intriguing. Sagamore Hill Lounge is named after Teddy Roosevelt’s home, located in New York. One thing that makes this bar stand out are the animals up on the wall. Though to be honest, it does fit very well in Maine! Teddy Roosevelt was an avid hunter, and the animals on the wall bring a little bit of the rugged outdoors to Portland, Maine.

For those that aren’t as interested in hunting or the outdoors, the bar has a great deal of seating, indoors and out! There’s 100 total seats, with 38 of them available to enjoy outside. Sagamore Hill will be a great spot for big parties like bachelor parties, since there’s giant booths that can easily hold giant groups with zero effort. Combine that with a killer local craft beer and cocktail menu, and you’ve got the recipe for success!

Sagamore Hill has plenty of local craft beer options

Sagamore Hill Lounge doesn’t technically open until Friday, but if you stop by before then, you’ll find that they are open with most of their drink menu available, and a beautiful bar that’s just dying to have you stop by for an ice cold beer or cocktail. The Smokey Sunset is one of the cocktails currently on special. Imagine a margarita with a hint of smoke, and an unexpected flavor profile. You’ll never believe it, but the sweetness of the Smokey Sunset is cut with Jäger to leave the tequila and mezcal flavors to be enjoyed.

Sagamore Hill’s official grand opening is Friday, June 1st! My fingers are crossed for good weather to enjoy their beautiful outdoor seating!