Enter To Win The Home Chef Challenge


Enter To Win The Home Chef Challenge

October 6, 2017

The home chef challenge could be yours.

Admit it…have you ever watched Chopped or another popular food show and thought you should be on it? I’ll tell you right now, I’ve definitely watched and thought I could do that. Now, you have the opportunity to do just that. Hannaford Supermarkets and Chef Mario Batali have teamed up and are hosting a contest for original recipes, paired with a Mario Batali sauce or pasta, as well as an additional qualifying ingredient purchased at Hannaford.

Here’s how it works:

  • Participants must submit an original, unique recipe. The recipe must include a qualifying Mario Batali item (pasta or sauce) as well as an additional ingredient purchased at Hannaford
  • At check out, participants will receive an entry code to enter their recipe into the contest
  • To enter the contest after receiving your entry code, go to this URL: Hannaford.com/HomeChefChallenge
  • When submitting your original recipe and entry code, make sure to include the story of why your recipe, and cooking in general, inspires you to be a home chef. What are the meals that you make that warm your soul and keep your family cozy, inside and out?
  • The submission deadline for recipes is October 31st at 12:59 PM

Think this sounds up your alley? Let me sweeten the deal for you even more! After the deadline has been met and recipes have been submitted, a total of nine semi-finalists will be selected to compete in one of three tasting events. Tasting events will occur in Portland, Burlington, Vermont, and Albany, New York. Forgot to mention, I will be at the Portland tasting event as a judge, so you can see me too. The nine semi-finalists will be asked to prepare their recipe for a panel of local judges. The local judges will then pick a finalist from each local tasting event.

Mario Batali will then pick the winner from the three finalists. If you win the grand prize, you’ll be flown out on an all expenses paid trip for two to meet Mario Batali on the set of his show The Chew, and dine out at one of his critically acclaimed restaurants in New York City. First prize wins a $1,000 gift card to Hannaford, while the second prize wins a $500 gift card to Hannaford. Not too shabby, am I right? To learn more about rules and restrictions of the Home Chef Challenge, visit Hannaford.com/HomeChefChallenge. I can’t wait to try your home chef recipes at the Portland tasting event!