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A Sweet Treat: Foley’s Cakes

October 10, 2014

foleys cakesIf you pay any attention to this blog, or you know me personally, you have to know that one of my favorite phrases is that dessert is the best meal of the day. And there’s really no better bakery that fulfills this to me than Foley’s Cakes in Monument Square. I can always get my sweet fix instantly there! I joke that I’ve probably tried almost everything in their display case, but it may be more fact than fiction.

Here are the 3 reasons that you should run, not walk, to Foley’s, right now:

eclair1. Eclairs Is there anything better than an eclair, especially a fresh one? A pastry that’s covered in chocolate and filled with custard. I think the only thing better is the act of actually eating it, and getting that perfect bite of pastry, chocolate and creme all at once. Now, at Foley’s you’re in for a real treat, because their eclairs are huge, and definitely too big to eat at once. So either save it as a delicious treat for later, or just share it with someone special.

2. Filled Croissants- I may have only lived in Italy for a month (thank you studying abroad in Florence in the summer of 2012) but I will never be able to forget the croissants I had every morning before walking to class. Foley’s croissants are superb, and extremely similar to their European counterpart. But here’s what makes them unforgettable: for less than $3, you can get filled croissants. I have tried them all (of course) and they are all worth a try. There’s ham and cheese, spinach, feta and mushroom, and of course a chocolate one. My favorite: spinach feta and mushroom. When you combine a flaky pastry with melted cheese and a little spinach and mushrooms, your morning is already off to a pretty great start!

3. The Cake– What’s the point of a bakery if it doesn’t serve cake? Foley’s Cakes are soft, moist and are perfect for whatever occasion you need them for. Whether that’s for yourself, at home, at 10 pm, or for a party, I won’t tell. Because they are good for just about any reason you can think of. I’m partial to chocolate mousse myself, but you should try them all and get back to me!