207 Foodie’s Quarantine Takeout Round Up

May 29, 2020

We’re in the middle of crazy times right now, but regardless, you gotta eat! More than ever, restaurants need your support. Right now, the best way you can support them is through takeout. Enter this quarantine takeout round up.

So if you need some ideas on where to order your next takeout meal, here is the extensive round up of every takeout meal I’ve had since starting quarantine. God, I hope this ends soon, but until then, check out this quarantine takeout round up!


From this list, it may be kind of obvious that yes, I do live in Westbrook. As a result, I have been trying to support places that are nearby.

We have some pretty great restaurants and establishments here too, in case you weren’t aware. There are still a bunch that I know I need to order from like Jack’s Thai, Westbrook House of Pizza, and more, but this is a pretty decent dent in what’s available downtown.

For those in Westbrook, make sure the following places from the quarantine takeout round up are being supported:

Mister Bagel

Doomsday dinner from Mister Bagel as part of a quarantine takeout round up, anyone?

So one thing that’s been pretty cool during the quarantine is that Mister Bagel has started what they call Doomsday Dinners that they serve on Fridays and Saturdays.

The theme behind the dinners changes weekly but I really enjoy the fact that the name of the food is always something pithy and funny. Think things like: Hazmat Fish Chowder, or Wash Your Hands Jalapeños.

Hey, something needs to make you laugh right now, and it might as well be this! Oh and yes, the food is quite tasty. I’ve tried their Chicken Parmesan along with their cheesy bread and found it incredibly filling.

As of May 16th, Mister Bagel in Westbrook announced that it was the last weekend they were doing Doomsday Dinners, but who knows, maybe they will bring them back in the future!

Portland Pie

Well, the beauty of Portland Pie is that there are tons of locations, so even if you don’t live in Westbrook, chances are, there is a Portland Pie location somewhere nearby you.

One thing I’ve always loved about Portland Pie is the fact that you can get breakfast pizza there. Don’t knock it til you try it, okay? And right now, what the world needs is breakfast pizza, or at least some brunch options.

Luckily, Portland Pie is making their breakfast pizza available for online ordering, which you can pick up or have delivered. Now, if you’re anything like me, you may want a mimosa (or two, or three…) with your breakfast pizza.

portland pie brunch quarantine takeout round up

You’re most certainly in luck! There’s an amazing brunch special available, which I’ve ordered, which is a 16″ breakfast pizza and a 750 mL bottle of champagne (some kind of bubbly) for only $34.99.

Trust me, this is enough to feed about four people, so you can get this for the whole family! And if you’re not a breakfast pizza fan, NBD.

You can always just order your normal pizza options instead, like personal pizzas or some pepperoni if the mood is right. Sky’s the limit when you’re in quarantine, right?

Bakers Bench

Why not have pastries in a quarantine takeout round up?

Look, if you aren’t eating pastries during quarantine, I’m pretty sure you’re doing it wrong. Bakers Bench definitely has the right idea. Their pastries are so good that it seems impossible to eat just one!

You might have to wait a little bit because their bakery is on the smaller side, but when you come home with the pastries, you’re the winner of the day. Your whole family will agree after they’ve eaten all the pastries, of course.

Pho Co Variety

Oh yes, there's pad thai and bubble tea to be found in this quarantine takeout round up as well!

I’ve loved Pho Co Variety in every iteration (they originally started in Portland at the Public Market), and their Thai street food in Westbrook is no exception. I’m so glad they are serving up comfort food like pad thai, dumplings, and bubble tea.

Who knew that during a pandemic, mango bubble tea would be everything I need and so much more? Truly worth an order if you live in Westbrook!

Blazes Burgers

Blazes because burgers and mozz sticks are just a must for any quarantine takeout round up sort of list

I’ve always liked Blazes and when you’re in the middle of a quarantine that literally seems like it’s never going to end, sometimes you just want a juicy burger, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks for dinner.

Blazes Burgers delivers and then some! No really, they are delivering to residents of Westbrook only, along with offering curbside pickup if you aren’t in their delivery area.

Pro tip: on Fridays they usually run a lobster roll special, which right now is 2 lobster rolls for $18.99. That’s a pretty great deal! If you want some of that, now you know where to find it!


I'll always order eggplant parm and that's why it's part of this quarantine takeout round up!

The last thing I think anyone wants is to have to celebrate their birthday in quarantine. This is what happened to my boyfriend, in addition to the fact that we were actually supposed to be in the Bahamas this year during his birthday.

In an effort to make all of that sting a little less, we got takeout from Profenno’s. I thought for sure he’d get the chicken parm on the menu, since it’s his favorite meal, but instead, he went with a buffalo chicken pizza. That’s probably because I don’t actually like buffalo chicken pizza, and he wanted something that he could enjoy.

I however, got the eggplant parm, which was enough to feed at least one other person because the portions are so large. That’s what’s so great about Profenno’s is that the food is reasonably priced, tastes good, and they give you enough for several meals. You can’t really ask for more than that!

Big Fin Poké

It took me a while but finally ordered from Big Fin Poke and now they are part of the quarantine takeout round up!

When Memorial Day weekend came around, I decided to go with something a little different than hot dogs and hamburgers. Maybe because there were hot dogs, hamburgers, and chorizo sausages enjoyed the Saturday before Memorial Day!

Regardless, Big Fin Poké had been on my list for COVID-19 takeout for a while, so I was glad to finally order from them. On a warm spring day, eating a poké bowl outside is pretty much as good as it gets.

Granted, it wasn’t all that warm on Memorial Day, but it’s the thought that counts! I built my own bowl and loaded it up with salmon, tuna, edamame, crunchy wontons, seaweed, crushed wasabi peas, shoyu sauce, corn, and rice.

It was so good, not that I’m really surprised. Can’t say I’ve ever had a bad meal from Big Fin. When that poké craving hits, they always hit the spot.

China Villa

Chinese food is a must for a quarantine takeout round up and I mean that!

You never know how much you miss something until it’s gone. No, I’m not talking about a person or a relationship, but Chinese food, specifically from China Villa.

Throughout March, April, and half of May, China Villa was closed, and let me tell you, all I wanted was some egg drop soup, crab rangoons, and that good good Chinese food!

Seriously, they are insanely busy now because I think the whole city of Westbrook (and maybe even a few surrounding towns) realized how much they missed China Villa when they closed down due to COVID-19. But for all you Chinese food lovers out there, like Americanized Chinese food, not the authentic stuff, China Villa is back and oh, it tastes SO good!

Look, there’s a time and a place for authentic Chinese food and I’m definitely a fan, but in the middle of a pandemic, I kind of just wanted the Chinese food that was as close as possible to what I grew up on. Chinese food is definitely up there as a comfort food for me!

Legends Rest

Legends Rest is the final meal on the quarantine takeout round up but so worth waiting for

Yes, I missed Chinese food during quarantine, but I also immensely missed Legends Rest. Look, I literally used to spend at least two to three days every week here and then the pandemic hit. It felt like I lost one of my “places” in addition to everything else.

So when Legends Rest finally announced they were reopening for curbside takeout on 5/28, you KNOW that we got it for dinner and we feasted like goddamn kings! Did I mention they added cheese fries to the menu too?

I’ve literally been waiting for that to happen since they opened. If anyone at Legends is reading this post, PLEASE: put the cheese fries on the regular menu when we get to that point.

I guarantee, they are going to be a big hit. And it may just be me and my boyfriend who order them, who knows, but oh, they are SO good.

Cocktails to go are a YES on this quarantine takeout round up

I would jump into a cheesy bath of that house cheese sauce if I could. I also got a frozen mule (finally got some cocktails to go here in Westbrook!) and a smash burger as well. Gotta go big when your favorite local watering hole finally reopens. It’s the least that we could do!


Susan’s Fish & Chips

Fried clams from Susan's obviously found itself a home on the quarantine takeout round up!

If you want to win me over, it usually involves seafood. Seriously, bring me some fried clams, or just a lobster roll from Susan’s Fish & Chips and you’ll definitely be on my good side.

When I was doing research for my ever changing takeout post, I stumbled upon the fact that Susan’s was open for takeout. Didn’t take me long to convince my boyfriend that we needed some fried clams from Susan’s during quarantine, that’s for sure!

They have plenty of other things available like chowders, and pretty much their entire menu, so you have more than enough delicious items to choose from. If you need that fried seafood fix, go to Susan’s Fish & Chips!

Shipyard Brewing Company Lobster

Love lobster? You'll love the Shipyard lobster deal featured in my quarantine takeout round up then!

One thing that’s been really interesting to watch during this pandemic is how creative businesses have gotten as a result of it. Granted, it’s necessary if they want to keep surviving, but mad props have to go out to Shipyard Brewing Company especially.

You can now get a six pack of their beer along with 2 1 1/4 pound lobsters from Get Maine Lobster for just $24.95! Seriously, that’s a great deal and it’s helping multiple people.

You’re helping Shipyard by ordering their beer, and you’re helping the lobstermen that are hurting right now as well. It’s a win-win-win for you, the brewery, and the lobstermen.

King of the Roll

If you've got a sushi craving, my takeout quarantine round up has the answers you need

One thing that I’ve been craving so hard while in quarantine has been good sushi. If there was ever a time I’ve wished that Westbrook had sushi, it’s been now.

Getting delivery out to my part of town isn’t the easiest, but we were finally able to get sushi from King of the Roll. Man, I’ve never been so happy for sashimi and tuna rolls!

Delivery is a beautiful thing, and I’m so grateful that I could support another great local establishment while I kept myself off the brink of desperation to get my sushi fix at the same time!

Wine Wise Virtual Wine Dinner featuring Sur Lie

Wine Wise may not be takeout per se but they are killing the virtual wine dinner game and you need to put them on your quarantine takeout round up if you haven't already

Okay, this one is a little bit different, but it’s probably one of the best meals I’ve had in quarantine, hands down. When I found out that Wine Wise was having Virtual Wine dinners and pairing with some of Portland’s best chefs and restaurants (Sur Lie, Piccolo, Solo Italiano, Chaval), I knew I had to purchase one and experience it for myself.

This is definitely a little different because we had to prepare the food, but very minimally. We had a 6 course meal prepared by the amazing chef at Sur Lie, Jef Wright, along with wine pairings curated by Erica Archer at Wine Wise.

Sur Lie is killing the quarantine takeout round up in a good way, I promise

They’ve got this down, because our food arrived about an hour and a half before our video call with the dinner’s other participants was scheduled to begin. Yes, if you live in the Greater Portland area, they will actually deliver the food right to your door, wine included!

Then we had detailed instructions about how to reheat each course and when to plate it. This is the closest you’re going to come to a dinner party feel for quite a while, I think, and it’s actually quite fun!

What's a six course meal featured in a quarantine takeout round up without dessert?

One of the things that this pandemic has me missing the most is that feeling of connection I get from going out to eat with my friends, and this was a nice way to fill some of that longing I’ve been experiencing. I highly recommend checking out a Virtual Wine Wise dinner if you haven’t already.

The Sinful Kitchen

If you love the Sinful Kitchen, then you'll understand why they made the quarantine takeout round up with ease

It’s unfortunate that Mother’s Day had to fall during a quarantine, but we did our best to make the most of it. The obvious way to do this, of course, was by ordering from The Sinful Kitchen. I don’t know how you can make lobster and shrimp eggs benedict that transports well enough that the yolks stay runny, but they did.

In fact, on The Sinful Kitchen’s Facebook page the day after Mother’s Day, they said it was the busiest day they have ever had in the five years that they have been open! I can’t imagine how insane trying to keep going during a pandemic must be, especially for a small restaurant, but they were honestly the first place I thought of for Mother’s Day that I knew I wanted to support.

That’s the thing…I want to support every restaurant in Portland and in the Greater Portland area, because I don’t want to see anyone have to close for good. But there’s only so many meals I can eat, so it’s just a matter of spreading the love around to as many restaurants and establishments as possible.

Liquid Riot

Ooh yeah, get you some take and bake wings off this quarantine takeout round up from Liquid Riot, you know you want them

I’m going to still qualify this as takeout, because at this point, anything that I’m ordering from a restaurant that I’m not eating there qualifies in my book. Liquid Riot announced a few weeks back that they were doing some frozen take and bake items, which obviously piqued my interest.

And then combine that with the fact that they are now also serving cocktails to go, and we ordered their frozen take and bake wings, along with the Mainer Tiki, which is a cocktail to go. The wings and the cocktail came with instructions on how to prepare them, and the cocktail even came with a small container of flowers as a garnish.

Y’know, because even in quarantine, you still need pretty drinks that you can post on your Instagram! The wings though…damn, they came with two different sauces, one was a buffalo sauce and the other was a red dragon sauce.

Both had an incredible amount of flavor. The best part: the wings didn’t feel like they had ever been frozen, so Liquid Riot obviously knows what they are doing!

The Mainer Tiki gets its own spot on the quarantine takeout round up because it's delicious and boozy

And the cocktail, which was the Mainer Tiki also packed a serious punch! I’m not the world’s best bartender (this is why I need our bars to reopen because I’m the worst but please do it safely) but the instructions were easy to follow.

My cocktail tasted delicious and yes, was still pretty enough to post on the ‘Gram. You know, the things that really matter to a food blogger. It’s true, and you know it. This quarantine takeout round up was made just a little bit prettier because of these cocktails and I’m okay with that.

Anania’s Variety

Yep, a calzone made it onto the quarantine takeout round up, how about that?

So, it’s always surprising when I discover new places I haven’t been to, especially when it’s a place like Anania’s. Full disclosure: before quarantine, I had never tried Anania’s.

Sure, I had drove past it and had even looked at an apartment 7 years ago that was about 500 feet away from their Washington Ave location, but I had never actually tried anything from them. That all changed finally with a meatball parmesan calzone.

Look, calzones are amazing and if you don’t feel that way, that’s your problem, but I think you might be a little crazy. This calzone was at least the size of my head, if not bigger!

You could tell from the flavor exploding inside the calzone that the meatballs inside it are homemade. It’s giant, it’s filled with ooey, gooey cheese, and of course, there’s enough food to feed you for several meals quite comfortably.

Not sure what else you could possibly want! I assure you, I’m going back to Anania’s after quarantine is over. Hell, I may go back during quarantine because they have something called a bucket of pasta on the menu and I must admit, I’m fairly intrigued just by that.

South Portland

Scratch Baking Co.

Yup, there are bagels from Scratch Baking Co in this quarantine takeout round up too!

Another sad occurrence was that we had to have Easter in quarantine. Not that I’m religious, because I’m most certainly not, but instead of a meal out, which could have happened, it was all about eating in.

So what do you eat on Easter? You get bagels from Scratch Baking Co. of course!

There’s a reason Scratch is so well loved, and we were probably lucky to have even gotten into the pre-order because the bagels have sold out so much. But they were 100% worth it, which you already knew.

Chewy, soft, flavorful…everything a good bagel should be! It’s a no brainer why they are on this quarantine takeout round up.


Bite Into Maine

The most instagrammable and delicious lobster roll is on the quarantine takeout round up as well

If you read this blog, you already know that my favorite lobster roll is hands down from Bite Into Maine. I will do just about anything to get my hands on a lobster roll from them, no joke. So when they finally announced that they were opening for the season on May 1st, I was already ordering my lobster rolls for pickup from them on Saturday, May 2nd!

Granted, it’s been a weird spring, and most of it has kind of felt like winter, but if you have a lobster roll from Bite Into Maine in your hand with the sun shining overhead, things just have a tendency to feel okay. Call it what you want, but food is definitely an escape mechanism for me.

For the few minutes I was savoring my lobster roll (because you can’t just shove one of these down your throats, they deserve more than that), I could pretend that it was a normal spring day in Maine.

Even if it actually wasn’t, it was nice to have that feeling again, even for a short time. What’s even more exciting is that Bite Into Maine is now open at Fort Williams as well.

So this quarantine takeout round up could include eating a lobster roll by the ocean by the time it’s published, or shortly thereafter. In my mind, eating a lobster roll from BITM at Fort Williams is basically the beginning of summer.


Pat’s Pizza

Pat's Pizza is just a classic so of course it found a spot on the quarantine takeout round up

This one wasn’t for me, per se, but I certainly wasn’t going to say no to pizza. You see, another thing that happened during quarantine was Wrestlemania. Me personally, not a wrestling fan. My boyfriend though, is.

Like he went to Wrestlemania last year for a whole week with his two best friends and they loved every minute of it. Said two best friends were supposed to be at our house watching Wrestlemania that weekend in April, but due to the pandemic and stay-at-home orders, neither of them were able to come.

Pat’s Pizza (specifically the one in the Old Port) is their thing. They get pizza and bread sticks and orange soda and then watch wrestling. I don’t know why it’s their thing, but it just is.

So in an attempt to try and make Wrestlemania feel a little more normal for him, we went to Pat’s Pizza in Windham. It’s good, classic pizza, especially the pepperoni.

You need these kinds of places for those nights when you don’t want to cook, so make sure you’re adding them to your quarantine takeout round up if you haven’t already!


Percy’s Table

Wondering where the best chicken and waffles are? Featured in my quarantine takeout round up of course

It’s highly possible that you’ve never heard of Percy’s Table, located in Standish. But if you love chicken and waffles, I suggest you change that and then go order some. They might have some of the best chicken and waffles that you can get in the state!

Seriously, the fried chicken is cooked perfectly and the waffles are super crisp. Combine that with the real maple syrup they serve it with and it’s a meal you’re not forgetting.

And yes, they do serve takeout! They even have a special curbside pickup section of parking spaces out in front of their restaurant to make it easier to pick up your food without running into other people.

I need to thank my coworkers for this recommendation, because there were at least three of them all talking about Percy’s Table back in January and it convinced me to go check them out. Kind of a hidden gem but keeping it to myself just seems mean, so go try them for yourself!

Definitely one of the more underrated places on this quarantine takeout round up but that’s even more of a reason for you to try them.

Bailey Island

Cook’s Lobster & Ale House

Want fried clams and the ocean? It's in the quarantine takeout roundup at Cook's

Staying in the house, especially on the weekends, has been driving me insane. As the weather gets warmer, all I want to do is go drink frosé at a rooftop bar somewhere, but we all know that’s not happening anytime soon.

So in an attempt to not lose my mind, we took a drive to Harpswell and got a takeout meal from Cook’s Lobster & Ale House. I can’t tell you how nice it was to have a draft beer again while sitting near the ocean, even if it was standing near the hood of the car to eat it.

It still felt like we went somewhere and did something. That ocean air was calming and good for the soul. You most certainly can’t have a quarantine takeout round up without some quality fried clams and some draft beer.

I haven’t had any beer on draft since, unless you count my boyfriend’s kegerator. It’s been too long.

Let me tell you, I’ve been trying my best to support as many local restaurants and establishments as I can. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on my quarantine takeout round up or if there are places you frequented that I should check out!